What Do Cosmetic Injectables Cost?

What Do Cosmetic Injectables Cost?

in terms of what types of injectables we use injectibles have evolved a lot and I won’t bore you with the history of it i’ll just tell you what’s most popular right now and has been our hyaluronic acid injectables and so these are brands like Juvederm voluma restylane hydrulonic acid is a component of the body cells already so it’s something that’s already in your body and these drug companies have figured out how to synthesize hyaluronic acid and they sell it in the syringe and a pre loaded syringe that’s one cc and so we sell that to patients by the CC as well and depending on the product determines the cost because some products are more expensive to us and so some of the name brand ones for example like Juvederm that cost six hundred and twenty-five dollars for one syringe now if we’re doing more than one syringe the second one is two hundred dollars off so the second syringe would be four hundred and twenty-five dollars and that’s just our pricing structure it’s very competitive with other people in Northern Virginia and our injectables are done by board-certified plastic surgeons for a more budget-conscious patient that doesn’t mind having a nurse injector we also have a nurse practitioner that we have trained as an injector and she does it at a slightly discounted rate for those patients so we don’t do a price discount for someone that does filler and that does botox we have a filler graduated pricing which is full price for the first syringe the second one usually is two hundred dollars off and for Botox we have a graduated pricing so if you do one area of Botox is four hundred and fifty dollars if we do two then it’s 650 total for both areas if you do three then it’s 850 for all three areas in terms of the range of price for filler so one of the less expensive fillers that we have is known as Vobella it costs four hundred dollars for a syringe now it’s a small syringe and it’s really just used for the lips but that’s sort of on one end and on the other end is voluma and it’s eight hundred dollars for a syringe and again those are first syringe prices so if we did an eight hundred dollars range of voluma and we were doing another one the second syringe would be six hundred dollars so that’s the range of prices that we offer in terms of fillers it depends on the person in terms of who needs more than one syringe so if a patient is older and they have a fair amount of dissent and they really want to have things filled up it may take a little more product but that’s part of the consultation that’s part of what we sit down and we talked about is you know how much do I think we’re going to need to get a result and what kind of a budget are we on in terms of doing it as well because at some level it’s actually cheaper to go to the operating room and do surgery or do fat grafting we try to make fillers and Botox available for people that work so we do some evening hours and our nurse practitioner does some evening hours as well we also do some saturday hours and these are quick and an out appointment said you know you want Botox or you know you want filler it can be a five or ten minute appointment you can easily drop in after work and go back or you can drop in on your lunch break have some Botox done and go back to work and really people shouldn’t be able to tell go ahead and hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to the Austin Westham YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest in cosmetic surgery for more information on the Austin-Weston center visit our website at austin-weston.com or click the link in the description below

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    I was wondering about the training or schooling that you would have to go through to become a practitioner in facial injections ?

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