What Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

What Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

breast-reduction is just as it sounds making the breasts smaller now that can be a very modest amount of reduction and it can be very large at times sometimes people have actually several pounds of breast tissue that needs to be removed it’s sometimes covered by insurance or at least they will assist with some of the coverage the cost including operating room anesthesia depends upon the size of the reduction and how long it’s going to take that can be from around the upper $8,000 range to low $12,000 range so what will make the difference in that cost it’s going to be time because a larger reduction is going to take more time to do that utilizes more resources more medication more anesthesia and also the thing that takes more time is often if it’s a bigger reduction if it’s smaller someone’s going from and this is small a double D to a C that’s not a big reduction but if you’re a G or a J or something like that and you have a reduction that’s bigger and we know it’s going to be more work for the surgeon we know it’s going to take longer and it’s going to eat up a lot more resources. insurance coverage if it’s available to you you have to go through a number of Hoops to see if you’re going to be covered what an insurance company will do is they are going to look at your height and your weight the size of your breast the anticipated amount of a reduction how much does the surgeon actually think they’re going to be removed and then they’re going to factor in if you’ve been through the other things they want you to do have you been on anti-inflammatories for a certain period of time have you been to other physicians like a physical therapist or a chiropractor had manipulations and you had weight loss to try and affect that and we see people who just can’t get through all of those hoops that they just don’t get coverage even though they truly do have back pain neck pain symptoms it has been shown that it really doesn’t matter that much the size of the reduction to get relief of symptoms that the criteria that are put out there people can have smaller reductions and still get improvement in those symptoms which is great for the patient because not everybody wants to be tiny some people just want to have you know they want to go down a couple cup sizes but they don’t want to go to just flat so if you’re someone who does not have insurance coverage or you’re willing to step outside your insurance for that we see that quite a bit people have an insurance company that perhaps they just don’t want to stay within their network they’re looking for maybe a different quality or a different type of physician that would perform it what are you going to look for and where is the cost going to come into that when we put the cost out there we’re talking about operating room anesthesia surgeon post-operative visit so you want to make sure that if you’re comparing us to somebody else you’re comparing Apple to Apple because often you’re not going to get that and then you’re going to find people just in all lines of work you’re going to find somebody who’s going to offer you a cheaper price now because they’re often cheaper price doesn’t mean they’re also giving you the same product doesn’t mean they’re not but you have to really be be wary of that most of what we find is people are not getting the same level of service and they’re not actually comparing the same quality go ahead and hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and feel free to share with a friend you can stay up to date with the latest in cosmetic surgery by subscribing to the Austin-Weston youtube channel and for more information on the Austin-Weston center visit our website at Austin-Weston.com or click the link in the description below


  • djjosie27 says:

    Thinking about getting it done, any recommendations in Houston, Texas?

  • Jasmine Sims says:

    is there an age range that would limit a younger person from getting the surgery?

  • lTOXlC -_- says:

    Ive had 34dd or 36dd since i was about 14 or 15 and theyve never sat "up" how most boobs do and i think that's why i have as much pain being that theyve pulled on my shoulder amd neck for som time, ive ended up with rashes under my breast, i CANNOT sleep on my back my shoulder hurt at times, not so much for back pains unless i bend over But i fear the issue is being that im 5'2, 133 pounds nothing can be done because of my weight. 🤦‍♀️ if it was possible to not get the lift part that'd be awesome cause i dont want this for looks at all its just painful having boobs this size. But most insurance think we want this done for looks

  • Michael Mosqueda says:

    😂🙄😂🤣 Niya isonn Cori brisonn are bothering me 🤣period while I sit on couch 😂😳

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