What I Eat In A Day When I’m Sick // Vlogmas Day 5 [CC]

What I Eat In A Day When I’m Sick // Vlogmas Day 5 [CC]

Good morning Shhh.
[Laughs] So it’s very early morning
[Random noise] and I’m downstairs making Claudia’s breakfast before she goes off to work Feeling a lot better today It’s really good. So hopefully I’m going to get some work done Some of you did mention yesterday – because I asked – would you like to see what I eat in an ill day So that’s what mainly today’s video is going to be about. Fun things… I’m currently making some kind of a rice-y, bean-y salad for Claudia’s lunch… Beans Rice Salad Tuna I got that from Clara because she generally eats rice at my house and then she calls it a salad I’m not really sure what my stomach’s feeling like this morning, actually
[groans] but, right, I shall continue making her food and then I will decide Yes. [Festive music] I just rubbed chili in my eye [Groans] Of course I did. Of course I did. Excellent. So, I’m still feeling a bit like I might… be sick… and one of the things that’s really important for me when I feel sick is that I don’t start being too sick, because then I can really spiral down very quickly which I think I talked about, actually, in my London vlog So, it’s very important to eat something and that’s kind of what I’m going to be doing this video: just sharing things that I eat and some tips on what to eat on your sick days But also, I think the main thing that you can take away from this video which I’m telling you at the start, but maybe I should tell you at the end, (I’m not sure) er, is that… it’s just: don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. Forget your five a day Forget your… getting the right calories form the right places and getting the right proteins, oo It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter. On a sick day, the most important thing is just that you feed your body It does not matter what you feed your body with For me, most of the food that I will eat today is probably based around… fruit I tend to eat a lot of fruit when I feel sick and a lot of soya yoghurt But it’s all about intuitive eating Oh, that sounds so corny I hate it But you know that I mean; that’s the kind of thing we’re going for here Just, if your body says it’s ready to eat, eat Sometimes I just stand there staring into my fridge Resting my eyes on every single thing in my fridge: Could I eat this? And then I take things out and put them on the side so I have a list – a list? A row of three things I’m like, “Hm, body, make a decision” and then I, then I, yeah… I think I’m going to start the day with frozen berries and soya yoghurt and this is just a really nice way, I think, to get your body, get your body going It’s not too aggressive on your tummy Normally I go for the raspberries – frozen raspberries. But they can be a bit acidic so I’m going to go for a mixture of frozen strawberries and bananas Weirdly, I tend to eat a lot of vegan food… when I feel sick Oh! Chili in the eye… [Upbeat music] [Upbeat music] [Upbeat music] [Upbeat music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] [Upbeat, twinkly music] So, it is that special time between ten and eleven I don’t actually know what time it is, but it’s between ten and eleven, and I know this because my nausea has hit Mm… Oh, and it’s hit hard! [Deep sigh] But I also feel that odd feeling where you feel really sick, but you also feel quite hungry and empty, and you need to fill your belly So, I have these
[Tilly barking in background] Genuinely the be – oh… So, these are frozen grapes They have to be seedless, and they have to be black and it really works Just put them in your mouth Kind of chop in half. Suck. It’s like in hospital when they give you ice cubes to suck on It really works And it fools your stomach into allowing you to eat and because they’re frozen, you have to eat them quite slowly, which is good because then your hunger doesn’t win out over the nausea You’re like, “Ah, override the nausea; just shove everything down!” which is a really bad idea but also, your whole… you know, general nausea, doesn’t win out over the hunger so then you’re so sick that you don’t eat anything. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful, symbiotic relationship [Laughs] I’m going to put my make-up on, because I actually have to film today Other than this Clearly, it’s Vlogmas and I’m filming every day Well done, Jessica No, I actually have to film… What? For enhance the UK which is a disability charity that I film various videos for and you can actually find them in this playlist And I’ll also link them down in the description. And basically I just sort of give various fashion tips with a disability slant And I’m also going to try and film this really fancy up-do which is going to be my Christmas hair Keep hydrated. Always keep hydrated! So I have my squash and my Diet Coke. I don’t know, do you put drinks in a ‘What I eat in a day’ video? You do now! And I genuinely don’t care what anyone says about Diet Coke, OK? It beats nausea I’ve tried every pill going They don’t work. The only things that actually work for nausea – for me, anyway – um, are Diet Coke and intravenous antiemetics Yeah. If you get to the point where all you can do is vomit, then the ambulance have to come with the intravenous stuff, and boy is that good Only bad side, of course, is that once they put a needle in you, they then have to take you to A&E [Sad noises] I hate A&E, it is my Hell. It is my Hell. [Festive music resumes] Hey. So, I’m done. But I just wanted to show you my nightie… which you may or may not be able to see here and, er, yes, it is vintage and for those of you more eagle-eyed viewers, you may realise that I do sometimes wear this as a top. On my Instagram… Yeah. So, there we go! I’ve finished my first filming of the day. Brilliant. For enhance the UK with my disabled fashion tip of the month, ooo… Not going to tell you what it is; you have to go watch it, okay? It will be up very soon And now I should eat something I feel kind of… weak Hungry. Mildly nauseous… but not the kind of disgusting nausea like yesterday where I thought I would be vomiting through my eyeballs, so that’s good Why always the eyeballs? I don’t know. It just hurts behind them. So, we’re going to have some delightful sweet potato fries Basically, if you’re on a sick day and all you feel like eating is chips – “fries” if you’re American – Do it. Who cares? The important thing is that you get food in your body and that can be junk food So, here we are. I’m just having a little sit on the sofa It’s fine. And I’ve got my sweet potato fries and some lacto-free cream cheese with a little bit of sweetener Generally, when ill, I do kind of just eat the same, staple items, and I think that’s a good idea Just find whatever works for you and keep going with it Now I’m going to watch ‘Escape to the Country’ while I eat them Because… that’s my crack ‘Escape to the Country’ I’m secretly fifty So I just filmed this hair tutorial here It’s very nice. This is going to be my emergency video in case something goes wrong and I can’t film one day or edit or something, and I’m just in bed like, “I can’t cope with life” Anyway, it’s very nice, as you can see Very 40s Now that bow is from Lindy Bop and it’s a shoe bow that goes on your shoes, because why not? All accessories should double up as something else, don’t you think? I do Well I am slightly peckish now, since the banana did not stay down I think I’m going to have some… some more grapes… Mmm. So exciting… No, I do eat exciting things – on other days… Just not today. I used to worry a lot about what I was eating and… Protein, I used to really panic about protein; making sure I got enough protein in a day. And then I found that protein powder mixed with sweetener is a really great anti-nausea remedy and it really works. And so on days when I feel really sick, I eat that as well because that just ma… Walter’s doing something, over there… with a toilet tube, so… I don’t know if you can hear… what he is doing, but he is doing that. Anyway. Um, so I used to panic but now I just let myself eat whatever I feel like eating and I also eat powdered protein powder And then Claudia’s going to come home really, really soon – about an hour – and I’m going to introduce you to my dinner when I feel ill Argh, what is this? That bit of hair it’s out of place! It’s not right. It’s really annoying me. [Frustrated, sad noises] I’m so obviously very tired, I get easily annoyed I just tidied our bedroom It felt like quite a feat. But it’s done. It’s good. It’s impressive. Now I have to tidy… …the Kitchen of Doom! I’ve got to think about making some kind of dinner for Claudia There’s not much in our fridge right now She could have mini pizzas! We have nine of these in our fridge Different types of mini pizza Thanks to Clara and Evelina who ruddy love their pizza… Oh, I see dog movement! Hello! The wife is home! Hi, wife. C: Hiii. J: Hello. J: Kisses. J: Hello. C: Hello to my doggies.
J: I was just discussing dinner J: and what we’re going to eat C: What are we eating? J: Good question! C: This is my routine. I come home and g… Eurgh! C: Get sloppy kisses. J: I’ll give you sloppy kisses, too! J: Once the dog has finished, though. J: And then Walter gets love. J: He weighs twice as much as Tilly, J: so he’s a bit harder to give love to
C: He has to be picked up a bit differently J: Ohh, chunky monkey! J: You’re so cute, though [baby noises] C: Those are noises of affection J: This is what we do! J: We hang out in the hallway, making weird noises. Step back away from the monster light. She has filled pasta! This is what you’re going to eat. Oh! C: Everyone was like, “Where’s your proper lunch box?!” because I normally have one with lots of different compartments and I was like [timidly], “I didn’t wash it, so I had to have this one” And I had this really stupidly-sized fork and it was just like I couldn’t eat fast enough C: It was so small and I was just like [mimes]
J: Why did you have a tiny fork? C: Because it was the only fork left at work! J: Awww. C: I was just like, “Come on!” I was like shovelling… J: [sadly] They didn’t leave you the good fork J: Shall I make your dins? C: No, it’s all right, I’ll do it. J: Was that a no? C: That was a no. C: I’ll do it.
J: Oh, good, ’cause I don’t know how to make pasta J: I fail.
C: [to Walter] Aw, this little one. Yes, what do you want? J: Not good at pasta. I’m not good at cooking anything I can’t eat. J: I think that’s fair, though. [Festive music] J: So I’m chopping veg! J: Here. Chopping veg. J: Going in the steamer J: Got my soup.
C: Oo, it’s smokey. [Festive music resumes] J: It’s a sitting on the sofa eating dinner type of day [Joy to the World instrumental]


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  • Анастасія Драчук says:

    Thank u a lot! It shows how much the life can be deffirent and its importance to follow your inner desires that keep ur existence. Love ❤

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    Somehow this video popped up on my feed. Right when I'm feeling ill too :S Thanks for the frozen grapes tip!

  • Maybe Awesome says:

    I’m going threw a lot medically, and your videos have helped me stay positive. Thank you.

  • Ray B.mira says:

    Hey Jessica, I have so much trouble with my digestive system too but that's not what made me want to cry watching this video.
    I want to tell you how much you help me come to terms with my orientation too, I live in a very violently homophobic part of asia, i keep telling myself to just suck it up, marry some guy, get it over with.
    But then I saw your videos, you and your wife living a normal couple life, happy, supportive, I want to cry because I want that, I want that so badly, and I'm not… not gonna give that up… thank you…

  • Alexis Ericson says:

    I saw that Jessica added sweetener to the soya yogurt. Do many if people do this? I never thought of it, bit that sounds like it tastes great!

  • Alexis Ericson says:

    I saw that Coke, and Diet Coke, have strong antiemetics, and I was shocked. I really don't like Diet Coke. Then I thought about it more and that makes a lot of sense. For me, the leaves off cedar bushes work for nausea, whereas Diet Coke will escalate it. Most people want to throw up after eating cedar leave, though.

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