What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #2 – KyPalette, It Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced

What I’m Not Gonna Buy! Anti-Haul #2 – KyPalette, It Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced

Hey guys it’s Courtney from Phyrra.net. Welcome back for another Anti-Haul video. This is another What I’m Not Gonna Buy! This is inspired by Kimberly Clark’s Anti-Haul
Series. If you haven’t checked out her series, be
sure to hop over to her channel. I’ll put a card up to it in the corner somewhere
over here. Now I do have a disclaimer to make. I’m not making this video to bash any brands
or to bash anyone or anything like that or to put anybody down. Or any people who want to buy these items
that I’m talking about. I’m telling you why I am not buying these
items and why I think you may not need these items. Now I’m obviously not you. We both have different tastes. And if something that I say I won’t buy is
something that you absolutely would love, you should do what’s best for you. I’m just talking about what’s best for me. I’m not saying that you’re an idiot or anything
if you decide you want to buy one of these things that I don’t want to buy. I’m just trying to give you another perspective
rather than the constant push of Oh My God, BUY ALL THE THINGS! I’m not being judgmental, I’m not that way
at all. If you want to know what I’m really like,
come hang out with us in our Facebook Group PhyrraNyx, I’ll put a link in the description
box. I’m definitely not a judgmental person. So I feel strongly that you should do what
you feel is best for you but I just want to make this as entertainment. With this video I’m definitely trying to get
you to think more about your purchases. I’m trying to become more of a fan of shopping
my stash. And making use of what I already own because
I have a huge makeup stash. I want to be spending my money more wisely,
rather than just buying every SHINY NEW THING that comes out. I know, in the past, I’ve been caught up in
the ‘Oh my god, it’s brand new, I must have it!’ And so now I’m trying to go the opposite way
and be like, well, I already have like 50 purple eyeshadows, maybe I don’t need just
that. I really am trying to promote making more
careful, thought out purchases so that you can expand your makeup collection and have
more unique things aka buy cool unique stuff rather than buy 4 dupes for things you already
own. Phaedra is dying for more attention, she’s
not getting enough attention. The first thing I’m not going to buy is the
KyShadow palette. This is the Kylie Jenner (Kardashian). I haven’t bought a single thing from Kylie
or the Kardashians and I’m not going to start now. Here’s why, this palette looks like it’s a
9 pan warm neutral palette. This is a palette that EVERYONE owns. It is a basic palette. I don’t want to use the term basic bitch because
I think that’s really insulting and that’s not really what I’m saying with this. What I’m saying is, you already have these
staple shades in your collection. You probably have 4 or 5 of some of these
colors. You’ve got a basic black, a cream, a warm
brown, a neutral brown, an orangey brown, a beige, you’ve seen all of these colors before. You have them in triplicate. They are not something that’s gonna expand
your collection. You don’t need them again. I don’t need them again! I’m guessing that this palette is going to
be overpriced just like the Kylie lip kits are. and I’m not even sure that the quality’s
going to be there. From my understanding, the Kylie lip kits
are not even as good quality as the Colour Pop, which comes from the same company. So my suggestion is, if you’re interested
in this, I would actually look at Colour Pop because it’s likely to be a better formula
and it’s going to be a lot cheaper! Next up is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master
Palette by Mario. I was really excited when I heard about this
palette initially, until I saw it. And the swatches I’ve seen of it is that it’s
going to be 12 eyeshadows, 11 of which we’ve seen before and one olive green. I don’t need yet another neutral palette of
all of these colors that I just talked about with the Kylie palette, that I already have
in duplicate, triplicate, 4, 5, whatever, 10 of! I don’t need those colors all over again. So I was really excited about this. I bought almost every single Anastasia Beverly
Hills palette that has been released. You can check my blog http://phyrra.net/tag/anastasia. I’ve bought almost every single fucking palette. But I’m not going to buy this one because
it’s just neutrals. Boring neutrals! With 1 unique olive green color. On that note, don’t buy a palette for just
1 color. If there’s a color that you really really
must have, check the indie makeup community for dupes! Because you can more than likely find the
same color or a better color that you can get for much cheaper. Basically for a fraction of the price you
can buy 1 eyeshadow or you can spend like $40 on a palette that you’re only going to
use the one color. That would suck. That would be a waste of money. So save your money, do not buy that palette. Unless something drastically changes, and
it’s not another neutral palette, it is not worth it. Instead, if you want to buy a unique palette
to expand your collection maybe look at the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. I bought that one, it’s a beautiful palette. I’m wearing it on my eyes right now. It’s all of these unique reds and then it
does have a lot of neutral shades but I even played with some of the neutral shades. I’m wearing Antique Bronze on my lower lid. My lower lid color is a freakin’ brown! I’m making use of the palette when I wasn’t
sure that I would use that color. Next up is the It Cosmetics Super Hero palette. Guess what it is! Do you know what I’m going to say? Of course you do! It’s another neutral palette. It is not a palette that’s going to expand
your collection. It has nothing new or revolutionary to offer. It’s not anything exciting. The It Cosmetics eyeshadow palette formula
that I’ve tried in the past because I’ve tried 2 of their palettes was okay. They were on the less pigmented side. My friends who are afraid eyeshadow actually
like the less pigmented eyeshadows from the It Cosmetics palettes because they find them
easier to apply and blend. But for me I’m just like eh, no, it’s not
for me. It’s a little too boring. Looking at this palette I’m like, there’s
nothing new here. It’s all neutrals, browns, greys, and a black. And I’m over that. I’ve got so much of that, I don’t need it. And I bet you do too. I bet you have tons of neutral colors. These companies keep coming out with all of
these neutral palettes and I just don’t understand it because we are all so sick of them. We don’t need 10 million neutral palettes. We need some fun palettes. Duochrome palettes. Something more exciting than 12 browns. So no, I don’t think that you need this palette. I know I don’t need this palette. I don’t even know what I would do with it. Next up would be the Too Faced Holiday 2016
Palettes, Merry Macarons palette. I just saw this palette and it was like it
was a flashback to last year with, I don’t remember what the name of the palette was,
but it’s the same formatting, the same box and mini mascara for the set. And I’m just like, they keep regurgitating
the same holiday palettes and collaboration palettes over and over again. I don’t understand the regurgitation. It’s like, if we bought it last year, why
would we buy it this year? If we bought it 2 years ago, why would we
buy it this year? It’s the same palette, it looks like the same
colors. there’s 1 purple in it that looks pretty but
I already know it’s going to suck because that’s what Sweet Peach palette was like. The purples in it sucked so bad! And as somebody who loves purple, if it’s
not clear from my bed, I am a huge purple person. I love purple. I’m wearing a purple shirt, my nails are purple
(Orly Saturated), my hair is purple half the time, so I really love purple. I’ve got a shit tonne of purple eyeshadow. And to look at that palette and go Oh there’s
a really pretty purple in it, no! No! I don’t need that palette! That is not a unique purple! I already have probably 50 purple eyeshadows,
sometime I’m going to make myself count and swatch all of them. Oh my god that’s going to be an ordeal. But there’s no reason for me to buy an eyeshadow
palette for just one purple. Especially if it’s probably not even going
to be a good performing purple! Because so many of the Too Faced purples have
sucked. (shakes head no) So yeah, I’m not going to
buy this palette. You probably shouldn’t buy this palette and
if you have the palette from last year, why would you even need it this year? Just, I don’t get it! Last, but not least. And this is probably going to make a bunch
of you hate me, but let’s talk about the Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack. Now I love Melt Cosmetics, I bought their
first 3 eyeshadow stacks. The Radioactive, which was unique with 4 neon
colors, Love Sick and Dark Matter. Dark Matter has your basics, Love Sick has
more unusual colors, like a really pretty red that is very very close to Makeup Geek
Mars, it has a really gorgeous peachy gold Amelie, so those stacks are really great. I actually really love their packaging, the
innovative magnetic singles that stack on each other. Really cool. I looked at the Rust palette and I’m like,
why did they even release it? Half the shades are very very similar to the
ones you already have in the Dark Matter stack. I mean, I was looking at it and once again,
you have another basic warm neutral palette that’s really expensive for only 5 colors. You’ve got a dark brown, a rusty brown, a
yellow-toned brown, a peachy shade and a creamy vanilla. So those are 5 colors we all have, in multiple
palettes. we don’t need this. And while I will say that I love the fact
that Melt Cosmetics puts a shit ton of product in their stacks, I don’t know what the pan
size is for this one but in the past they were huge. A really great value for the price. It’s $58 for those 5 eyeshadows. Your $58 is better spent elsewhere if you’re
looking to expand your collection rather than just have more of the same neutral shades
over and over again. So I hope you enjoyed my second Anti-Haul
video. In short, I’m really fucking tired of neutral
palettes. I’m really really tired of seeing the same
colors I already own over and over again. And that’s why all of these products are not
for me. Now if any of these products are for you,
you should totally do what’s best for you. And if you want to buy them, buy them. If not, I would look at your stash and see,
hey, do I already own these colors? Do I want to go ahead and buy them again in
duplicate or triplicate? Just think about it a little bit. I personally would rather save my money for
more unique things that I don’t already own. Rather than buying the same things over and
over again. Because I just, when I realized just how many
neutral shades I have, I’m like, I don’t need any more. Unless it’s something super unique, like a
really cool, cool-toned palette or a neutral duochrome palette, I probably don’t need anymore
neutrals. Anyway, let me know what you think in the
comments below. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
up and share with a makeup lover! And if you haven’t already be sure you subscribe
to my channel. I make new videos weekly. Thank you so much for watching!


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    it might be the lightning, but your skin looks much darker and yellow than your face… don't know if it's foundation or your lights…

  • christina page says:

    I agree with too faced. They are nothing unique, and the only difference between this years and last is its New York. Purple is my all time favorite shade. The Milani eyeshadow palette everyday eyes the purple one although nothing unique but the quality is pretty dang good

  • Lyn Blair says:

    I'm giving up on pre-chosen palettes altogether. It's going to be palettes that allow you to pick your own colors or singles from here on out. I've had enough…and I mean that literally! I don't even want to count those I already have. I'm fairly certain it would be deathly embarrassing, and I have two teenage kids who can't afford to lose me quite yet. Great vid! All hail Kimberly Clark!

  • Jennifer Lyons says:

    I feel the Kylie brand is overrated, overpriced, and I ain't gonna buy any of it. It's not for me, too young for me and too gimmicky for my taste.

  • Three Drops of Sunshine says:

    I am so happy to know I am not the only one SICK of neutrals and chalky colors. GAG!!! Regurgitating, indeed!

  • sandra.s. adamson says:

    your standard is awesome!

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