What NOT to Wear (On an Airplane) in 2018

What NOT to Wear (On an Airplane) in 2018

when I travel my outfit choice is part
of my packing routine and if you travel like I do you know that choosing your
outfit that you wear on the airplane through the airport takes time and
thought I want to dress comfortably I want to feel confident in my outfit and
I definitely do not want to worry while I’m walking through the airport or while
I’m on the airplane about what I’m wearing I want to be in vacation mode in
every sense of the word however there are eight things you should not wear in
an airport and let me know in the comments below if you think I have
proven why you should not wear each piece my name is Laurie and I create
YouTube videos about ideas that pop into my head thank you for taking the time to
watch my videos we just got back from Chicago and this idea popped into my
head about what you should not wear on an airplane when I learned from
experience by wearing some of my nicer boots that I don’t wear throughout the
day running errands so I’m not used to wearing them for long periods of time we
left on the morning of the snowstorm in Houston Texas where we woke up at 3:30
to an inch and a half of snow and had to drive through pouring snow to get to the
airport walk through the airport walk on the airplane and then getting up out of
the airport in Chicago I had a blister already on my tote and we used an uber
driver and I had to ask him I said will it weird you out if I put a bandaid on
in your car I am a complete stranger in this guy’s car I was so embarrassed but
I had to go to the event right as soon as we got into Chicago so I couldn’t
change my shoes well I could have but the suitcase was on the trunk anyway
that’s my number one tip is to not wear shoes that you don’t wear very often
because of the chance of getting a blister or two I took some video right
when I got back from Chicago while it was fresh in my mind so you will see me
in another part of my house my studio giving you examples of what I think you
should not wear on air where when we’re talking about shoes do
not take shoes that don’t have a zipper or that you can’t take off easily to get
through security I had to take off my boots that I was wearing to the event
and here’s what it looks like here’s my boot there is no zipper it’s cut it’s
supposed to be over the knee but I’m taller so it doesn’t go over the knee
but I have to take them off like this okay there’s no zipper there’s no way to
get them off standing a lot in security is not when I want to sit down on the
floor or lean against something and slide those shoes off I want easy access
easy removal to take off my shoes so pick wisely when you’re choosing what
shoes to wear in the airport wearing white pants is so up there I have I
learned that very easily because you can get so many stains on your jeans not
because of your own fault if you have on white pants which are so trendy looks so
cool in the winter and in the summer you can sit on something in the boarding
area in the bus the parking lot bus in the train via terminals you can sit in a
seat in the airplane and spill coffee on yourself I do not recommend wearing them
you don’t have your cleaning supplies in you might have to wait five days or
however long your trip is to really truly clean it out one tip my mom
figured out when we were in Maine is that if you boil some water like in your
coffee pot if you boil some water and pour it over your white shirt she had a
white shirt it will take out a lot of the stain with white jeans I learned
from experience this happened to me I was wearing the cutest little white
jeans and I pulled my suitcase out of the overhead bin and because it was so
heavy i clunked it down onto my leg and the
wheel of the suitcase rubbed up against my white pants and it
was so much of a smudge that I couldn’t like wipe it off or smudge it out so
it’s a beyond your control but that’s just something else to think about when
wearing white jeans I also think you should stay away from cream beautiful
creamy sweaters and white tops because of the same reason stains that are not
caused by yourself that you have no control over the turbulence it can come
out of nowhere and the littlest bumps can knock some of the sloshing coffee
onto your white shirt or white pants or white sweater okay
another thing that I think in the summer is so fun to wear is a maxi skirt
however when you are walking through the airport and through the airplane
lavatory your maxi skirt is going to drag against the floor at the lavatory
on the airplane and let’s think of it like this as my friend Jim said he’s a
pilot and he said if you do not feel comfortable wearing a maxi dress into a
like rock concert porta potty or port-a-john into that bathroom then do
not wear it in the airport in the airplane lavatory okay let’s say you are
walking to your seat and you sit down look how much it is dragging on the
floor and in the lavatories on the airplane you know all there is bodily
fluids on the floor and people go barefooted also as a woman you’ve got to
pull that skirt up and you’re not worried about what’s on the seat of the
airplane toilet you’re worried about all the other stuff that’s around it because
remember the toilet seat is the same height as the ledge around it and that’s
your skirt you’ve got to be really careful about that skirt touching the
ledge and getting all those bodily fluids on it with a maxi skirt I have
loved this idea from my friend an age you can tie it up into a knot and that
also helps but it is a skirt that is long and flowy so it is going to drag
even if you sit down or squat to go to the restroom the same thing with the
maxi dress it will drag the floor when you’re walking beside the seat your
skirt may swipe past somebody’s seat that has I don’t know some kind
smudge on it so be careful with that because skirts and dresses they’re
flouncy and they brush things that you don’t want him to brush on an airplane
okay I was so excited when I found this Cape and I wanted to wear it on the
airplane because it’s long enough to wear with leggings or with capri
leggings now today I have on my black pants and my black boots that award but
here’s what happens when you wear a cape that has sleeves is you put on your
backpack it restricts your arms like I’m trying to walk forward
having the backpack on or a purse with the weight of the purse right there it
messes up the whole look that you’re going for it for your airplane outfit
when I travel I want to be like fluid I don’t want any restrictions on my
movements I don’t want to feel not cute in my travel outfit so I am against
wearing a cape that has like sleeves in it armhole sleeves and I also have this
other one okay I have this cape it’s a shawl there are no sleeve holes okay so
it’s just the point in the front and the point in the back but look how long it
goes down in the back so when you sit down or a squat to go to the restroom
that back part you’ve got to really make sure it does not touch any of the wet
stuff that’s around the seat not on the seat but around the seat of the toilet I
know it sounds so gross but it is a reality now I’m gonna put on my backpack
and it’s hard putting on a backpack with thick sweaters but that’s okay so this
does not restrict my arms as much because there are no sleeve holes
hanging pulling up this part of the material but it messes up the whole look
of my outfit so this would not be my choice for an airplane travel outfit I
can wear this any time of the year anywhere else
not on an airplane I just think it’s too much to worry about or fool with and I
want to be in vacation mode not thinking at all
I also shy away from wearing a plaid nut plaid a button-up shirt when I travel on
an airplane for my outfit I would love I love the length and the draping of some
button-down shirts but you have this where when you’re spreading or
stretching or if you have a poorly made shirt that’s a button now it is easily
going to show your skin when you sit down and spread the fabric unless you
have fabric tape this is the best way to do it you just tear it with the length
that you need and then place it down take off the top layer of plastic you
lift it up and take off that last piece of plastic take it down and then put
your shirt right back over it and you cannot tell like when you sit that is my
pet peeve of oxford shirts when you sit down they inevitably open up or poke up
right where you don’t want them to and another way to solve the problem with
but no shirts ok gaping open is to sew a thin little strip like your third
button-down or however high you want it to go to sew straight down all the way
to the bottom and that way it won’t gap open at all whatsoever
make sure you sew it on the very edge so that when you wash your shirt and dry it
you don’t have to iron every little section like you would normally with a
button-down shirt that could fold back when you wash it and dry it like that
there’s a condition called thrombosis and it is where you have a blood clot
that forms from very very restrictive clothing in a certain area especially
around your calves and then can create other blood clots and then
the main blood clot enlarges and has serious risks involved to your health so
boots that are way too tight and I’ve come close sometimes because my jeans
were thick that I wore inside my boots that’s just something to think about
thanks again for popping over to my Laurie pop channel I hope it has helped


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    I do a lot of traveling as I have family who have immigrated to different countries and I always just wear loose fitting sweat pants, baggy tshirt, a zip-up hoodie and sliders in my feet (i pack a pair of socks in my hand luggage in case my feet get cold) but for my it’s all about comfort and clean style.

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    Those knee length leggings

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    Love the info on shoes! It cracks me up to see (mostly) women dressed to the 9s in fancy clothes and high heels! When I fly, I wear a comfy yoga pants with a cute t-shirt and a light sweater, and always tennis shoes. I tie them LOSELY when I am dressing at home, so I can just kick them off at the TSA area, and easy to slide them right back on. Not too lose….and if I am on an overnight flight, I tend to keep my shoes on (no room to take them on/off) so I wear shoes that have plenty of room because I tied them LOSELY.

  • seethe world W says:

    Last year, I bought a black slim fit tiny mesh vest, not the hunting type , I put all travel essentials in Those 6 pockets, Passport inside the inner pocket Next to body, boarding pass, itinerary, camera etc inside exterior pockets all with concealed zippers.
    I couldn't find a perfect travel pants For ladies , So I bought a smallest men's convertible cargo travel pants from Costco . It has hidden elastic band on the back , roomy legs. Works Well when I need a place to put camera , power bank, sunglasses . For me, It's better options than the hospital scrub pants with multiple pockets , Which I tried wearing it from LAX to Istanbul 14 hrs flights last spring

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    Plus… for any female… wear a bladder control pad… you may NEVER know that…. YOU WILL GET DELAYED and not be able to go potty

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    Money's cell ok thanx but some of us do suffer from urinary & fecal incontence so it's better to wear a huge badder control pad and bring some with you just in case.. You never know right mony?

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    I enjoyed watching your hack. Lots of useful tips. Lol you will laugh. I have practiced a ballet exercise to stand on one leg to get my boots off. I am pretty good at it now. I’m short – I love my heels. But I wear wedge trainers sometimes. They are anti slip. Always pack a Blistease. They are invisible and amazing for cuts, grazes and quite big blisters. They stop pain immediately. Paramedic advised this one time. LONG SKIRT problem. A button on the inside and a loop. Or a ribbon – my skirt has ribbons all round (it was made like it) so it looks pretty up or down. The ribbon is on the inside and outside so you just hitch it. It makes the skirt dual purpose. If it’s a long tube skirt – pull it right up over your boobs (you can sew shoestring straps in) and it converts back to a long skirt. Belt it or accessorise it And pop a sweater, denim or white shirt over it – more stuff worn and not in suitcase. Plus I sometimes fish mine out after I get to a hot destination, not before. Quick climate change 😝 I don’t worry too much about what taxi drivers think. They’re cool. I bet They’ve seen most things.

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    Your tips are great. Unless I'm traveling for business and I have a meeting that day, I simply do "comfy-old-blue-jeans-n-a-T shirt" when flying. In warmer weather substitute carpris or shorts for jeans. in winter, substitute flannel shirt for T-shirt. For footwear, I simply do good walking shoes or gym shoes. Basically anything comfortable, washable, and not white.

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    As a woman, particularly a naturally well-endowed woman, I ALWAYS wear a camisole or thin tank underneath almost all of my clothes, button down or not. I'm so self-conscious about sudden bursts of cold air that could trigger obvious cold air reactions, even if I'm wearing a t-shirt bra. I'm also very cognizant about gaping in shirts. So instead of avoiding button downs altogether, opt to wear tanks underneath.

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    My airport uniform:
    Soft brushed, skinny jeans with stretch. Feels like leggings without the need to have to wear a top to cover your bum. A longer top is cumbersome in tight spaces and hinders movement. A sleeveless top with a hoodie over it. Layering is your friend. Suede, walking sneakers light weight, comfortable and easy to get in and out of, and socks of course. Everything I choose is close-fitting for comfort and to take up less space and to not get caught on anything or anyone. Also, a cashmere shawl in my tote if I get cold. Don't want to use airport blankets or pillows. Use it on the headrest if not cold so my bare head doesn't touch the headrest. Also sanitizing wipes to wipes down the handrests and tables. And not an item to bring, but never touch anything in the magazine holder in front of you.

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    Sidenote: I did not watch any tips videos the first time I went and I got 2 huge blisters! Oh my goodness I learnt a lesson. My thick flight socks (the seam) plus new slider sandals plus travelling in hot conditions across airports I had to wear bandaids for 2 weeks. Sorry for my long reply. I just wanted to say your channel is the best I'm so glad I found it before I go again. Many thanks Angie UK ☺

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    Besides the long skirt at 5:20, those open toed sandals/flip flops are a big No-No. I'm amazed at all the people I see wearing those on airplanes. What if you had to run? Sneakers are what you should wear on a plane.

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    Always wear tenna shoes or sneakers on the plane. Snow is very rare in Houston by the way

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    As a US citizen or permanent resident, I would suggest applying for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. You can keep your shoes, jacket and belts on plus you can keep your liquids in your bag. Well worth the fee. I prefer to carry a backpack that has a handle at the top. Keeps my hands free. I can wear it or place on top of my roller carry on bag. The top handle is in line with my roller bag so easy to navigate both.

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    Huge sweaters, capes etc will lead to you being patted down as you can hide a ton of stuff under it. My friend was very huge breasted and wore huge sweaters like a tent. She got examined every single time we flew. I wore more tight shirts and always got through security without any problem.

    Make sure to wear trousers that hold themselves up when you remove the belt as they always ask you to remove it. 😂I’ve seen what happens when trousers fall down in the security area. 😂

    Do layers of clothing if you are flying to destinations that are colder or warmer. I fly frequently from ice cold to tropical climate, I then have the option to take something off when they start to turn the heat up on the airplane as we get close to the destination.

    If you are traveling to a very warm climate and know it’s going to be a long bus ride before you reach your hotel, it’s wise to pack something light in your handbag. I always bring a skirt and top or shorts and top in my handbag and change as soon as I reach the airport.

    Preferably cotton undies as polyester etc can give you a very warm, unhealthy climate down there. Always bring an extra bc flights can be very delayed, things can happen.

    Wear shoes that are wide. Feet swell up during flights, worse if you’re not moving or exercising during the flight. It’s extremely uncomfortable to wear some strap sandals and your feet are bulging through the straps.

    Think about who you are flying with and to where, and dress accordingly. Do not wear deep cut shirts or miniskirts if you’re flying to Dubai. It saves you from a lot of staring and ugly eyes. If you want to be respected, respect the culture and religion to those around you.

    I always have a piece of clothing I can put over me when I’m flying as a blanket. Also something that hides the fact that I’ve unbuttoned my trousers to breathe. (I hate sitting in anything than slightly tugs my waist). A piece of clothing is great to use as a pillow too.

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    Why were you in Houston I love this video

  • Gary Korzec says:

    When I fly, I am gonna either wear sweatpants or these warm-up pants. They are not costricting and I wont have to remove a belt when at TSA checkpoint. I am also gonna get velcro strap sneakers so I dont have to worry about holding up the line to tie them

  • pete5668 says:

    I'm a guy and I dress for golf except I substitute Merrell shoes for golf shoes. Short sleeve collared shirt, khakis, and Merrells because they slip on and off quickly, and they also breathe at altitude when your feet swell up.

  • Phyllis Montoroula says:

    I refuse wear white shirt or pants ever stain too fast

  • Phyllis Montoroula says:

    I wont use bathroom. On plane unless not moving same for bus or train

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