Who Bought Kylie Cosmetics

Who Bought Kylie Cosmetics

So who bought Kylie Cosmetics for six-hundred-and-million dollars? Hi, my name is Christy and this is the “Beauty Nose”… Nose.
This is the “Beauty Nose”! So who bought Kylie Cosmetics for six-hundred million
dollars?? Hi, my name is Christy of Go See
Christy Beauty Boutique and we are going to be talking about today the
company that bought a 51% controlling stake in Kylie Cosmetics for six-hundred
million dollars, and this is the “Beauty News!” portion of our channel. So Kylie
Cosmetics has reported one-hundred and seventy-seven million dollars in sales
last year and the company that bought 51% controlling stakes in Kylie Cosmetics
is Coty. Coty will now take charge in the areas of make-up, fragrance, skin care, and
nail products. They will oversee R&D — or research and development — marketing,
manufacturing, and distribution. This partnership is actually just in time
since the company saw sales drop 14% through May 2019, according to an article
in New York Post. If this is your first time to our channel, welcome! If you’re
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is an ART and skin care is a SCIENCE.


  • Go See Christy says:

    A short video on beauty news for the holiday weekend! Kylie skin product review here:


    What are you thankful for ? 🤗

  • kosmosbjm says:

    Totally not interested in Kylie Cosmetics or anything Kylie….I don’t support that family. However, I love your channel, Christy!!!

  • Maryann Rodriguez says:

    Always interested in your skin care! And Kylie's products…..😝 really don't like her products.

  • Donna Walker says:

    You are gorgeous😘 💙 your videos! #thankyou

  • Daphne gn says:

    Go see Christy. Hi Chris I'm interested in your products and your teachings but it seems you are not ready to listern to me, how can I buy them? Thanks

  • Sangria Fidel says:

    Nice one Christy you look gorgeous

  • Jamie Rhodes says:

    Can you do a video on at-home facial tools, like derma roller/micro needling, galvanic ions, infrared, high frequency skin therapy machines, etc? What is ok to do at home, what isn’t, why, etc. And what to look for on the machines/tools you do recommend?

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