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welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be talking to you all
about incense so I have a video on my channel from a long long time ago like
years and years ago I where I did an incense haul and I talked about like
incense what the smell means and why I light it and I’m gonna do like an
updated version of that today I’m gonna share with you guys my entire collection
and what each scent kind of symbolizes and means and why it’s good to burn if
you guys are interested then keep on watching I have a lot so stay tuned okay
so starting off with why do I light incense I light it because it’s very
calming and therapeutic for me the aroma and scent of different incense invokes a
different mood and emotion from me it’s uplifting it’s calming relaxing its
soothing it’s cheerful it reduces the tension and anxiety and stress and it
makes the air in the room that I burn it in just smell a lot better and it makes
me feel like the air is purified it gets filled with the energy of whatever scent
I burn and it’s just overall very magical to me it’s very therapeutic to
watch the smoke sometimes it helps me to focus I have this big giant bag here
filled with all my incense and as you can see I have a lot this is how much I
love burning it I burn it every day multiple times a day it just really
makes me feel good and helped calm me relax me helps me focus and concentrate
I’m just gonna go ahead and just grab any random incense from in here and then
talk to you guys about it so the first one I grabbed out of here is the
Rosemont so of course the rose incense smells like roses it has a very very
strong rose smell burning rose incense is known to increase love it instills a
feeling of peace and it reduces tension this incense has a very sensual smell
and it promotes peace and love in the home it’s also one of the ones I love to
burn that instantly just cheers you up just like up lifts you
instantly by the way I love to get my incense from my local Indian stores or
even Walmart and recently I went to the 99-cent store and I found these for a
dollar so you get 56 incense sticks and you get four different flavors you get
jasmine rose sandalwood and lavender so I stocked up and I’m gonna go back and
get more because these are lovely these are amazing and you get so much for a
dollar if usually one like one pack of sixteen sticks cost like a dollar
ninety-nine at the Indian stores so a really really good deal next incense is
dragon’s blood I got these from Walmart these were a dollar and you get 40
sticks that’s a really good deal – Dragon’s Blood incense is really good to
burn to drive away evil and negativity it’s also not to enhance productivity
and cleanses the area that you burn it in so anytime that I feel like I’m in a
funk or not in the best mood or whatever this is what I like to go to the smell
of Dragons wood is very like it reminds me of cologne and perfume it’s a
masculine scent and I really love it I highly recommend if you guys go to
Walmart pick it up it’s a dollar and it just uplift your mood instantly as well
like all these incense do that for me the next one I have is by the brand
moods and this is one that I picked up at my local Indian store this was like 2
bucks I’m not sure how many sticks are in here I think it’s like 16 in here but
this one is in the ascent of romantic moments this smells like roses and musk
and like Jasmine and patchouli all mixed together it’s a very musky and floral
scent mixed together I love to burn this at nighttime and it
just makes my room smell really pretty next is rosemary I have never come
across a rosemary incense I found this at my local Indian store – this is from
the brand AGM hem which is a very famous incense brand there’s 20 sticks in here
this has a very fresh rosemary scent I really like it it’s not like overbearing
rosemary Irby scent it’s like a more of a fresh floral rosemary burning rosemary
purifies the air it prevents nightmares so this is a really good incense to burn
at night right before you head to bed if good dreams and a good night’s sleep so
this is one that I would love to burn at nighttime and rosemary is also known to
enhance creativity so if you’re like an artist or you’re doing something that
involves being creative this is a really good one to burn just to get your mind
in that mindset next we have Jasmine and this is from the brand Li a which is
Leah I think and you get about sixteen sticks in here I love burning jasmine
incense it’s very like it’s a very luxurious scent definitely smells really
strongly of jasmine this line that smells really good the one that I got
from the 99-cent store it smells very very similar to this one and so I feel
like all jasmine incense are kind of the same it’s a very rich strong Jasmine
scent burning jasmine is known to increase inner beauty it’s very
uplifting and it’s burned to inspire self-confidence lots of people use it to
induce prophetic dreams so it’s a really good one to burn before you go to sleep
this is another one that’s also used to purify the room if you’re familiar with
the goddess Kali she loves jasmine and so on the days
that I just want to like remember her I think of her I like to light this for
her next I have a dragon’s eye incense
packet and this is in the scent tranquility this one smells really good
calming and soothing it smells like it when you walk into an incense shop
that’s what it smells like it’s very calming and smoothing and warming and
inviting dragons I actually went to a store in Sutter Creek in California and
they had the dragon’s eye incense over there and so I grabbed tranquility and I
grabbed another one which I’ll share with you guys but I went to checked out
their website and they have a lot of these packets of incense for like $2.99
I think so it’s not a bad deal they smell really really good and the scent
lingers in the room for hours so I really like that nice is one of my
favorites is a lavender this is also from the brand hem and you get like 16
sticks I think and the smells like lavender it smells like lavender flowers
like if you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s or like at nursery and you smell you
stick your face in a lavender plant this is what it smells like lavender incense
is known to promote and bring in calmness it’s very relaxing it induces a
restful sleep it invokes peacefulness happiness and tranquility so it’s a very
calming scent it’s very soothing scent anytime you’re feeling anxious or
stressed out I think this is a really good one to burn next I have sandalwood
this is another one of my favorites of course it smells like sandalwood has a
very rich like woodsy scent this is from ganache sticks you can get this at
Walmart for like two bucks and you get 26 in here or I’ve also seen these at
Spencer’s you can also get them online sand Allah incense is known for its high
vibration this also promotes a restful sleep it calms down
aggression or irritability sandalwood is associated with promoting healing for
the mind body and soul it’s a really good incense to light when you’re
stressed out it just calls you it grounds you next I have Egyptian Musk
and this is one that smells musky but not like a heavy musk it’s not like a
very masculine Musk it also has a little bit of kind of
floral e undertones Egyptian musk is burnt to increase your own personal
willpower it brings wisdom and insights and it promotes self confidence so this
one to me it has a very like magical scent like it just makes me feel every
time I light it I just feel it just feels magical
here’s another one that I have from Dragons I and this is the prosperity one
so I’m sure that this one has like bay leaves yeah this one is very herbal tea
this one is another really good one I love it it’s burnt for Prosperity
so this next one is bayberry and this is from serenity Emporium but I got this
one for 249 you get like 10 sticks in here and I got this from my local like
incense shop it’s like a natural food shop and they had these incense over
there baby it’s actually a really good incense to burn to attract money and
blessings it’s also burned for protection it’s great to burn to bring
in prosperity and luck so this is a really
good one to burn if you have your own business or in your office next one I
have is amber and this is from the brand flute and I think you get like 20 sticks
in here to whatever is another one of my favorite scents but it’s very like it’s
not floral it is more of like a masculine scent
amber is burned to protect you from bad energy it promotes happiness and it
eliminates negativity from the mind this is an incense that you can burn for
protection and dispelling evil and negativity bad thoughts of just bad
energy but I also feel like this is another instance when I light when I
smell it it’s very magical okay so the last one I have is Shiva and this is
from puppy incense you get sixteen sticks in here
I love burning this once in a while Shiva is a god of destruction he’s
always in such a tranquil state and it just teaches me that an uncontrolled
mind can lead to a chaotic life so anytime that I feel like my mind I’m
losing control of my mind or my thoughts are spiraling into negative state or I
just even think of Shiva I will light this for him so I always like to keep
these on hand and these smell really really good they have a musky scent they
do smell like the Egyptian must a little bit of sandalwood mixed in there and a
little bit of amber too but this is a really great one so that is all of my
incense that I have I have a lot and I’m not gonna lie like it’s addicting to buy
incense all the different flavors the energies that it gives and the way it
purifies the air the way it makes me feel and I light it I really enjoy them
and I love them they’ve changed my life in such a positive way and I just wanted
to share it with you guys um thank you guys so much for watching if you guys
have an incense that you love leave it down below because I would love to know
more about like different kinds of cents and when is your favorite brand and like
why do you light it like if you like incense tell me why did you light it
thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll talk to you guys in my next one


  • Daisy Kelly says:

    I love burning incense and have tried many different varieties. My favorite that I always go back to is Satya Saibaba Nag Champa.

  • Yvonne says:

    I love burning wet incense, candles, oils and diffusers its soothing to the mind. My favorites are the vanilla and pumpkin, people will walk in my home and just love the smell and the calming effect it gives them…🌞

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  • Georgia Simpson says:

    I love incense I still have some incense left from my first packet which was a stress relief sent and I've still kept some from years ago so when I burn some (I try not to because I wanna keep them) it takes me back to that time in my life! 😊

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  • Cameron says:

    This is a great video!! I was looking to learn why I should burn incense and what each scent does 🙂 one thing I realized though, be super careful where you buy your incense! The ones from the dollar store could potentially be toxic – make sure the ingredients you’re using are organic, I wouldn’t want you to be polluting your air when you’re trying to purify it 💕 thanks for the video girly!!! Also, what are your favourite ones that are lightly scented? I bought “forest” by hem and found it was wayyy too heavy of a scent, I like frankincense and patchouli 😍

  • Paul Caldwell says:

    I light incense because I'm Taoist. And Taoist light incense. I just started. I also do it because my neighbors smoke pot and I don't care for the smell of weed. I currently burn joss sticks and Gonesh sandalwood. I read the book Tao of Craft by Benebell Wen and she said Sandalwood is burned in most Chinese Taoist temples. I love reading books on Taoism. I wanted my home to smell like a Taoist temple. I'm open to trying other scents. I appreciate you teaching me more about incense.

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  • Northeast Reaper says:

    I love incense…some of them have actually influenced my astral projection and it makes me feel light and calm in general. Right now I have lavender, nag champa, full moon, black cherry, myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, spiritual, & dragon blood.

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    I burn incense to make my room smell nice, it also relaxes me, and also get rid of the negative that feel sometime too. My current scent are Strawberry, Cherry Blossoms, and Sage. They are all incense sticks from Gonesh brands. I’m also new at burning incense too. So I don’t really have a favorite yet.

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