William’s House – William’s thousand facial expressions [The Return of Superman / 2016.12.25]

(Smiling) Good morning, William. Are you awake? Come here. (He starts the day with a morning kiss.) Good morning. Let me check your diaper. (He checks William’s diaper.) Did you poop in the morning? (He checks the disaster.) My goodness, let’s go. My goodness, let’s go. Wait a minute. (Running) While Sam draws a bath, Gaji passionately greets William. (I see that you pooped.) (Stop it!) (Gaji shows affection.) (Sam is working on his own.) (I must tell him about this situation.) Dad. (Gaji is harassing me.) (Gaji leaves.) William. You need a bath. You pooped. (Is the case closed?) Don’t harass him. (Surprised) (How did he know?) (He cleans William’s buttocks.) Now… (He lets out a deep sigh.) How do I do this? Today’s my first time bathing him alone. I’ve only ever acted as an assistant when my wife bathed him. Since it’s slippery, I don’t know where to grab. I am nervous. (He takes a deep breath.) (He carefully puts William in the water.) What is this? (His heavy breaths shows his nervousness.) William. What is this? Let’s wash your hair first. (He’s bathing William on his own.) What is happening? Why are you so calm? (Smiling) (Rubbing) I will wash your hair first. Now, I will make sure nothing goes into your eyes. This isn’t a work for one person. It needs three people. Let’s wash your legs. Let’s hurry up. My goodness, that’s your willy. (Dad…) (He works hard in a kneeling position.) Buttocks. (He became confident.) He is doing a good job of bathing William. (He successfully finished bathing William.) Do you want to put on clothes you received as a gift? (My gift?) These are clothes – Rohee used to wear. / – Really? I wanted to give them to you as a gift. This is good to wear between seasons. (I will wear it well.) Who are you? You are so cute. (William the Mario appeared.) (His cuteness makes Sam sing the background music.) (It’s like a scene from the game.) Hey, hold on. You’re missing a mustache. (He prepares an item.) William. (He gives William a pacifier.) My goodness, he looks 100 percent like Mario. (The Hammington family’s parody) (Mission Impossible) This time, William turned into Tom Cruise. Spider-Man! (Flying) Spider-Man! (“Spider-Man”) Spider-Man! (He flies like a butterfly and lands on Gaji.) (Take this.) Spider-Man, help me. (Spider-Baby protects the city.) Help me. (This time, it’s a rodeo.) (They go forward as soon as he rides the dog.) Forward. (He is making the sound with his mouth.) I am Spider-Man. (Sam is exhausted.) After playtime, William takes a nap. He looks so innocent. (He is having a tasty dream.) (Sam is about to fall asleep as well.) (Ringing) (Don’t wake William up.) – Hello. / – Hello. (A familiar voice is heard.) – Hello, Rohee. / – Say hello to Uncle Sam. Hi, Sam. Why is this so hard? Would you like me to visit tomorrow? I would be grateful. Show him your wink. Wink. Wink. That was her wink. Show him a smile. There you go. (It’s a kind smile.) She has a beautiful smile. Can you give me a laugh? (She laughs as she has learned.) Smile. Smile. (She smiles as she has learned.) She understands words. That’s amazing. She has a lot of hair now, so she can sport pigtails. – Where is William? / – He is sleeping. William is sleeping. – Let’s be quiet. / – The thing is, I have a favor to ask. I haven’t had a chance to shower. – Really? / – I haven’t had a chance to shower. Would you please watch him if he wakes up? I will do that. – I will take a quick shower. / – Okay. What were their names? Tofu? Was it Gamja? What were their names? Tofu. (He uses whatever name came to his mind.) Tofu? I guess it’s not Tofu. They’re not responding. (What was it?) Gaji and Mandu. That’s right. Their names are Gaji and Mandu. Where did Tofu come from? Rohee takes after his dad and is good at cleaning. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go. (She cleans with passion.) I am sorry. (Sam comes back after washing up.) (William chooses the perfect timing to wake up.) – Is he awake? / – I think he is. It seems like William is awake. (Did William wake up?) (He appears with background music.) Rohee, it’s William. Uncle Taeyoung is here. You have a nice smile. Say hi to him. (It’s good to see you, William.) There you go. He is a cute baby. Whose overall is this? Rohee, you handed down that overall. (That overall is mine.) (He suddenly becomes teary-eyed.) What’s wrong? Do you want to come to me? – Go to Uncle Taeyoung. / – Why are you tearing up? It’s okay. It’s okay. (He smiles when Taeyoung holds him.) Goodness. So you wanted Uncle Taeyoung to hold you? My goodness. Were you acting? You were acting, right? William has many facial expressions. He is very cute. Exactly how old is William? He’ll be five months old soon. You should start him on baby food soon, then. What do you plan to do about baby food? I’ll use baby formula from Korean and foreign brands. In Korea, babies are fed thin rice gruel. MSG? Thin rice gruel. It’s made with rice. Thin rice gruel. Then you gradually add beef and other ingredients. Beef, carrot… My wife rarely eats meat. – Really? / – Yes. I’m worried that William won’t like meat either. It’s my wish to go to a barbecue place with William. I think he takes after you. – He will like meat. / – I hope so. (Please.) First, you soak the rice in water. How long do I soak the rice? I think I soaked it for about 30 minutes. 30 minutes to an hour. (I am hungry.) (The soaked rice is then blended.) (He has the eyes of Vectorman.) That’s how you cook it. Then you boil it over low heat. It’s ready. – It’s ready? / – Yes. (Give it to me quick.) There you go. William, this is a historical moment. We should take a picture. I made a tasty meal. (Rohee is curious as well.) He is eating it well. My goodness. Is it good? (It’s tasty.) (Sam smiles.) There you go. (I am glad he likes it.) (He sticks out his tongue.) Is it tasty? – You greedy boy. / – You like it. He’s savoring it because he loves it. (He wants to eat it over and over again.) (She gives a spoonful of love.) He is eating well. There is another item. – There’s another item? / – Let’s see if he likes it. Okay. (Concentrating) Sam tries making Australian baby food with avocado. He mashes avocado thoroughly, then adds water and powdered milk. (Mix it with water and powdered milk.) It’s a simple recipe. (Sam’s Australian baby food is complete.) William. Let’s try this. Try it. How does it taste? (It’s a new world.) Is it tasty? I think this is – the most fun I had. / – Really? It’s fun to feed William. Don’t be greedy. (The sight of food is enough to make him happy.) (He holds the spoon himself.) (Staring) (Hurry up.) (He pulls the spoon to eat the food.) He pulled the spoon. (Why didn’t I get this sooner?) You shouldn’t use your hands.

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