Wise traditions and facial shape

Wise traditions and facial shape

Crooked teeth and possibly with that craniofacial form Seems to have changed relatively dramatically over a relatively short space of time Few people’s parents Had their teeth straightened and I remember when I was at school there was very few people who had any form of fixed or even removable braces within their mouth and It was almost unheard of in my parents era now most people’s grandparents era and I think we can safely say there’s been a massive increase in the Level of crooked teeth malocclusion and with that a certain level of facial change now Why it’s always a very interesting question. Why now? I believe that Oral posture and as exceptionally good evidence to suggest that oral posture is a key factor Within this and of course oral posture tends to go with body posture in general And if we go back to sort of grandparents and great-grandparents era in Britain this was the Victorian era and I was asking some colleagues from Lithuania and Latvia what they called the Victorian era and I was surprised that they called it the Victorian era so the Victorian era is it seems to be It was fairly similar. I think in many parts of the world and Images like this seem reminiscent of the Victorian era the image of st Martin’s which is a church that would allow people coming in homeless people would come in be given a meal somewhere to sleep it was part of that church his charitable contribution to the era it was in and here’s an image of everyone sitting there Bolt upright and the same with these children, you know, that was the Victorian thing you sat that sat upright What what will interest me in it started this thought process that I’m having was this? mealtime exercise, um elbows off the table Chew your food well; eat with your mouth closed I’m adding the McKenzie chin tuck so sitting up back like that Basic good table manners, and this is really harking back to this Victorian good body posture day and good body posture for eating particularly and I Really started to interest me and So I started asking The parents of the patients that were coming in I’d get patients from all over the world. And of course England the London particularly. It’s very multicultural So even the patients I have from London have come from all four corners of the world. So I started asking parents where what their parents were saying, you know, whether it was Normal this you know elbows off the table sit up straight eat with your mouth closed whether that was normal in the cultures They’d come from and I’ve had parents here and I think from easily from all of those continents I can’t say I’ve had many indigenous people from South for North America or Australia but Definitely had people from all walks of life in all of those areas coming in to see me as patients that I’ve engaged in within the last year or two and so far every single parent of patient or adult patient has agreed that Their parents or grandparents were trying to implement this simple Routine sit up straight elbows off the table mouth closed the same mantra was being said By groups from all of these countries now stop for a second and think about the significance of this because People left Africa to travel to all four corners of the world before we had tables and chairs So how could this? concept exist unless it’s happened since our culture’s diverged which Realistically. It must be the best example. I know of a Parallel cultural evolution. So the same cultural phenomena This sort of the mealtime mantra we could call it has seen to evolve in all of the countries all the way around the world, uh In parallel not necessary at the same time, but probably similar times In relation to the change in culture that was going on And It’s in French writing. I mean for such a phenomenon to have existed. There must have been a reason Remember as my grandfather used to I never met my grandfather, but my father tells me my grandfather used to say There must be a reason for everything. So if you see an abnormality Look for the reason and that’s what I do and that’s what’s gained me the conclusions. I’ve gained now let’s take a sideways step for a second because If we wind back to the sort of pre sixties revolution That changed society. I think we can look back the sort of the hippie sixties or six years versus Cultural Revolution Where the children stood up and said mum and dad I love you, but I don’t necessarily believe in all the things you’ve been saying or doing anymore and We’ve thrown out a lot of dogma that was wrong But wait, may we have thrown out too much? so I see images here of people putting books and even Glasses on their heads to increase their body posture and I remember this thing might be all that appeals on their heads as well I I kind of feel you know from a Modern era looking back on this this looks a little bit forced a little bit staged a little bit as if we are You’re coercing people to do this whether or not they want to maybe society’s coercing them. However this was going on This was almost normal within some groups definitely normal and people were standing, you know, they were being taught good posture You know you even had books written this book here make correct posture a habit So it was a whole movement within society to make people stand up well and we have an image here I got from a Chinese airline that’s trying to teach its airline hostesses Good body posture. I don’t think You would see this in a Western airline company and there’s some interesting. That’s an interesting discussion itself You’ve also got him around occur stepping out of a car. I mean just exquisite poise deportment that this girl’s Displaying here as she gets out the car now interesting. She’s another one of these individuals of notice bought about it in the back in a sort of mixed farming environment where I Which I just think is very healthy for you. It’s just anecdotal but minders is getting out of this car with absolute exquisite poise and body posture and There that seems to have been ingrained right up till Well, I I think the 60s phenomenon when we had dramatic change all of a sudden You you wanted to be how you wanted to be into Slough to see that became cool And this is you know, what we’re gonna do You didn’t have to wear a tie to go to a meeting. You didn’t have to wear a suit at the weekend for the certain classes and groups within UK things started changing and We come back to the why why were they there in the first place? Why did Victorian Britain and the relative parallel groups all around the world Enforce on their children and this appears to have gone from right? Down to the very poorest groups up to the reworked wealthiest groups this idea of good body posture both when you’re eating Both were in deportment when you’re moving around To such a strict level. I mean did people in this era not love their children as much as we do now Did they not care? Why were they all being really very strict on their kids, you know? Yeah, I’ve got some images of um, army recruits with pins and their lapels to keep them standing up straight and apparently that was Relatively common within the army and of course not long ago we had conscription. So it was a society-wide thing What why because there’s a reason for everything now I take this image circa 1920 From an artist who is depicting the village idiot now? In many ways what’s being described here is an adenoidal face It’s a very downs one faces with a lengthened face. It’s someone who’s hung the mouth open like this And I just remember my mother telling me She would say Don’t hang your mouth open because the wind will change and it will set like that or she would say Stop hanging your mouth open or you’ll look like you’ll become the village idiot now Who was the village idiot? Well, we’ve got this image here of the village idiot and you’ve got this long face Almost an adenoidal face Your flat cheekbones But almost certainly a decreased airway size And of course the idea the the the inference behind this is that this person is not so intelligent and I mean fascinated by Images I got here. We’ve got Bush and we’ve got Obama You know clearly you’ve got Articles written these these four images went with articles both of which articles were particularly unflattering Giving the impression that both of these individuals were stupid So they are looking similar to the village idiot this sort of der and where did that derh concept come from Well, I think the best reason I’ve come up with so far goes back to these You know wise traditions and he’s wise tradition saying sit up straight shut your mouth Chew your food properly, um and have good body posture and deportment Stand straight grow straight and this is this you know, this is this this concept behind yet and I think That we could probably say there’s an element of truth to this. Um I think we just have some this up with the title of this book make correct posture habit and of course the younger the better get young children engaged and My mission is is prevention. I genuinely think that with Some effort we could prevent craniofacial dystrophy the the cause of crooked teeth and possibly sleep apnea and many other things and As a society, this is clearly what we should be doing so Make correct posture a habit and prevent malocclusion


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    Dr Mike, Thank you for all the information given. I just have one question I can't seem to find the correct answer…When resting and tongue up do we close the teeth as well as the lips? My teeth have to close quiet hard otherwise they want to come apart? Hope you can help or someone else 🙂 Thank you so much

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    I have a great cheekbones and very dominant
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    As a mother of two vaccine injured kids we really need this added to the conversation. Listed on the vaccine manufacturer insert is ear infections and sinus infection. Many vaccine injured kids are chronically ill and as such mouth breathing. They also suffer cranial facial nerve damage. Check Forest Maredy’s channel My Incredible Opinion and see his crooked face series. After my daughter received her 4 year old shots she suddenly developed a severe speech issue with lack of control over her tongue. She also developed a gait issue and was collapsing frequently. Chiropractic care and speech therapy have helped but your videos are going to be so helpful. If you are unaware of the vaccine debate please go to Corvelva.it and read the report released in December. That will make a lot more sense as to why kids faces are so deformed now. It’s only getting worse.

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    Posture and everything related is about self-esteem, relationships to authority and norms as well as boundaries. I have the worst posture, bad teeth as well as no cheekbones, and I am not an idiot. If you want to argue I am, you will then have to contradict everything that's ever been said about me during my entire childhood, teenage and young adult years in school. As an example of me being an idiot being unlikely, English is not my native language.
    I'll still say this. Intelligence is not always what people thinkand actually, that kid doesn't seem stupid to me. He just looks like someone who's bullied and can't actually catch a breath. Breath goes into your lungs, which surrounds your heart, which is about love, self-esteem, and a feeling of belonging. A person who is oppressed by others may actually have a hard time breathing. Like they are trying to suppress themselves. Trying breathing completely and peacfeully when feeling unloved and under stress. Therefre being unloved may result in that shallowness of breath and anxiety, which you can see in the eyes of that kid. He's begging that someone lets him survive.
    I don't want to write a novel, but I hope this much gets some to think.

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  • Manny Pacman Pacquiao says:

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