Women Try Color-Changing Makeup

– You have to kiss a lot
of frogs to find a prince. Or go through an entire frat
house to find a boyfriend. (upbeat music) So today we’re trying special
green makeup that supposedly reacts with your Ph level to
create the perfect rosy hue. – It’s really hard for me to find like a shade that usually works
for me in makeup overall. – For a Korean I have pretty dark skin. – So I’m naturally very pail. A lot of things can wash me out. I have to be really picky. – A lot of things will be too
dark on me or too light on me. So trying to find that perfect balance can be a bit of a challenge. (upbeat music) – What? Girl, I’m gonna look like
Kermit the Frog after this. – This looks nasty. – It’s like a frog’s – It feels like – Jizz or something. – Oh woo! I just put my finger on
it and it came away pink. – It feels like what you would
get from like Limited two? – I don’t know what’s happening. I just feel like I’m
rubbing oil on my face. – It feels greasy. – It feels kind of sticky. – Did anything happen? – You put a little bit too much
on but it’s not showing up. – It is getting darker though. – Yeah I think it gives you
a very nice healthy glow. – Oh. – I feel like a blushing bride. – Shiny as hell. – It looks green when you first put it on. – That’s looking nice on you. – It’s very green on you. – Yours is – It’s still not pink! – It just looks like a clear gloss. Maybe my Ph balance just
isn’t what it used to be. – I like the color. Not so much the actual
feeling of the lip gloss. – This isn’t a color I would
normally put on myself. – Oh my God it’s so pink right now. – Oh its getting pinker! – Whoa! – But there’s still green sparkles. It’s still, I just put some on my hand and it’s green on my hand right now. – This literally feels like the same consistency as the blush. – Ooh. – Oh that feels so good. – That’s moisturizing. – It looks like my lips are sunburned. – Yours is turning into
like a darker pink. I like that a lot. – It said it was going to
change into a shade of pink. And that is what it did. Truthful marketing. – The color looks fine on me. I think it did change to a color that is fairly complimentary to my skin but it’s not the color I would choose. – It’s very Lizzy McGuire chic. Hey now hey now this is
what dreams are made of. (upbeat music) (Dubstep music)

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