YouTube Attacking Disabled Creators??? [CC]

YouTube Attacking Disabled Creators??? [CC]

Hello, lovely people. As you have probably already worked out, this is a video all about YouTube demonizing disabled creators. Yeah, I actually met like demonetizing, but I’m gonna go with demonizing. So since YouTube brought in, a few months ago, these new rules called about monetization. Some of my videos have been demonetized. Even ones that I put up way before these new rules came in. Now this has happened with a lot of my videos that have Claudia in. Or where I’m talking about LGBT gay related stuff. Pride And what’s really awful that LGBT videos are being demonized in this way and targeted. Still at least, I understand why. I mean, even videos that are pretty darn PG. It’s not like we’re giving each other lap dances. They’re still targeted. You’ve decided to demonize any kind of sexuality that’s not straight. I get that. That is the culture we live in. It’s awful, but it’s a thing. And I have a reason why my videos aren’t allowed. But why, dear YouTube gods, are my disability related video is being targeted? Oh, and it’s not just one. Oh no no no. It’s all of them. The video in which I explain part of my disability and give some really good tips on living with a chronic illness Not suitable. The video that says we can still take pride in being disabled people. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. The video in which I question, what does normal mean anyway? That is not okay. No no no. That video in which I share my experiences of losing part of my eyesight, but say hey! You can still do cool stuff anyway. Unacceptable The video that asks for event organizers to maybe just consider disabled people’s needs. Oh terrible! No no no no. Get out! Get out! Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Yeah, that last one particularly annoyed me, so I took to Twitter and I tweeted out all of the different tags for my video and asked YouTube, sorry but… Which one of these is so bad? Is it wheelchair? Oh, is that a bad one? Is it deaf? Oh, that’s oh yeah, sensitive topic. Is it accessibility? Oh no no no. Disabled friendly? Which tag is it? Their response was… Check our guidelines. And when I told them I had… Check our guidelines. But clearly these videos are all fine. As soon as they are manually checked by a human being, they’re put back in the green and they’re good to go. Why is it happening in the first place? They just won’t tell me. I’m not the only disabled created that this has been happening to. Rikki Poynter, Andrea Lausell, Christabella Shaw, um… Daniel James the Aspie World, Connopolis, and Katie the invisible eye. They’ve all had this. And I’m sure that’s just a few. I’m pretty sure there are other creators out there who just aren’t talking about it. Or maybe they are but no one’s listening. Connor and Andrea have also made videos about this, which I’m going to put the links to down in the description. The best way for people to learn about disabilities, who have no experience of it previously, is obviously to hear from disabled people. How can we normalize something if we’re then putting this word into a space? Where oh, it’s so bad and big and scary.
Can’t talk about that. So according to these guidelines, is the word “disability” so scandalous because its controversial? Because it’s incendiary? What part of the guidelines is it contravening? And I put the guidelines again down in the description. And I really want you to go and have a look and tell me why this is happening. Is it really so terrible for disabled creators to have an expectation to be earning money from their hard work? I don’t have masses of subscribers, as you know, and my videos probably average around 2,000 or 3,000 views. But YouTube will only manually go in and check a video that’s been demonetized if it already has 1,000 views. So if I lose the money from the first 1,000 views… That’s a lot of actual money gone. As an experiment, last week I uploaded a video, My August Favorites. And I didn’t use any tags that are relating to gayness or to disability. But all the other tags that I would normally use. And funnily enough… It was immediately approved. The real problem here is that YouTube doesn’t tell you why things aren’t being allowed. It just says that it’s not. There’s never any reason given. How am I supposed to know what it is I’m supposed to change? Or even what I’m supposedly doing wrong, which appears to just be talking about being disabled. YouTube, for goodness sake, let’s actually talk about this. Let’s have a proper little chat, please just tell me why this is happening, and what can be done about it. Yes, I’m just addressing YouTube now because that’s a thing. They don’t have an email. I’ve tried. As a platform should be supporting and promoting your disabled creators. Come on up. Stand apart. Move forwards. You know, leave all the other companies in the dust when it comes to being awesome and accessible. *sigh* Let me know what you think down in the comments below and if you have any idea of why this is happening. And really what can be done about it. And Youtube send me a bloody email. Thanks


  • Alex Gottlieb says:

    I wish we could all mass exodus from YouTube. They are so shady

  • ZeroDarkBirdie says:

    I don't think they tell you what you're doing wrong because then it's discrimination. Being gay and disabled makes you a protected class and if they tell you that's why they're are singling out your content because of it they might be opening themselves up to a lawsuit. If they don't tell you they can just blame it on the new "PC" algorithm.

  • cupcakexlindsay says:

    You should set up a patreon or some sort of donation website to makeup for the revenue lost because of YouTube being shitty <3

  • Angela Morales says:

    That sucks! Shame on u YouTube, shame! Is there a way to make a petition saying that disallowing talk about LGBTQ+ or disability issues is unacceptable? If not here, maybe on Facebook?

  • Angela Morales says:

    Please keep us posted as to if things get better or worsen.
    Take care of u, Jessica!

  • Dani M says:

    Phillip de Franco would be interested to hear this x

  • Milly Tills says:

    On the guideline list there is a question with two options at the bottom. "Was this article helpful?". I've clicked no and left a message saying they are not being clear as to why they are demonizing disable people.

    Just wondering if people did this also, would they actually pay attention to the issue at hand or not? It's really disgusting and I can't figure out what rule is being broken. I am so sorry you are going through this. I find your content incredibly useful and I am sure many others do also.

  • Panda Bekool says:

    It's not just disabled YouTubers its so many. they've gone after others for a while and I guess they think whether its a opinion they don't like its like they want to push popular and interesting channels onto other platforms whether it destroys YouTube or not they are in a downward spiral

  • Suzanne MenuetTDD says:

    This is just sick! At least half of the YouTubers I follow have been talking about leaving because of this.

  • UTube Junkie says:

    First page of guidelines: "We reserve the right…"

    Stop there. They can demonetize whatever they want. Discriminatory or otherwise.

    * rolls eyes *

  • Dysfunctioning Just Fine says:

    Oh no! First they attack the lgbt community, now the disabled community, what next? I just started my youtube channel but it's all about my life as a gay disabled performer so things are looking real promising…

  • Charlie Smith says:

    Youtube considers this content not 'family friendly'. They don't want people talking about serious topics apparently. Don't ask me why.

  • LizTiddington says:

    given the demonetization of LGBT videos, maybe the "Jessica out of the closet" tag is the "problem" (read. 'problem' in the most sarcastic voice possible). or maybe not, if other disabled creators are having problems too.

  • Starfish_central says:

    Over 90 of my gaming videos have been deemed to not be advertiser friendly including some of my scheduled videos. I don't use bad language and I have no chance of getting YouTube to manually review my videos because they never reach 1000 views in seven days. I have Arthritis in my neck and unable to work and have to take four different types of painkillers a day. All I want to do is earn a little bit of money to help out my girlfriend with the bills. Guess I won't be earning any AdSense money this year or probably next year too!

  • Ardo Con says:

    Can you change the tags after the video has been watched several times? If so, maybe leave the tags YouTube demonitizes out till after 1000 views.

  • DIANE HILL says:

    I wonder why advertisers feel people are all closed minded? Do they think people will boycott their products or services because they are associated with disabilities??? I would think that is borderline unlawful.They're furthering the hatred sport that seems so popular these days!! I love all your videos…

  • Jenn Chupashko says:

    So my husband is a social media promoter and runs into this issue a lot on facebook, particularly when advertising events and things.
    I looked at the "You Tube Community Guidlines" , (
    and my only thinking is that they "flag" anything that has a tag related to LGBTQ/disabilities and then review it to make sure it isn't "hateful"
    even if your tags also include "asscessibilty" "acceptence" etc.
    Since it's originally run through an algorithm, it picks out any that contains those words and pulls them until they can be reviewed by a person

    I'm not an expert, but if i had to guess, that's what's happening (not that im condoning it or anything)

  • moss Martinez says:

    I didn't know this was happening to you but I don't like it ! You are one of the most incredible people I have ever become aware of ! What can we do to help , please tell me?

  • Eclectic Monstrosity says:

    Wow. I am just. Horrified.

  • cynthia g says:

    They are also shutting down conservative creators and free speech advocates. Guess they are going Antifa…………who knows. I saw the CEO give an interview and she is starting her own yt. She is a real nut case………valley girl, like, like ……..ya know?? I mean, like, ya know??? LOL

  • vegishishkabab says:

    I found you on YouTube only a few days ago but kept watching other videos. I think it's so wonderful you talk openly about all of these health issues! I have my own health issues that make me foggy and exhausted and it's nice to see someone talking about it while also being a vintage dresses fan.

  • Anna Goldberg says:

    This is so unfair. So much of the youtube I watch is about/made by queer people, disabled people, and people who are otherwise marginalized. I try to give on Patreon where I can, but I know that can't make up for lost youtube money 🙁

  • Waverly Lins says:

    vou escrever em português, por que meu inglês péssimo !!
    eu estava vendo videos aleatórios no youtube e cai na sua página , queria dizer obrigado por dividir sua história com mundo, realmente um exemplo de pessoa . Agora você tem uma fã no brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥

  • Abstract Moon says:

    When I heard about listing the LGBT+ as inappropriate I got sooooo mad, like, why TY? (I believe I saw this on Geek Remix's channel btw) And now this? Positive videos about disability? It's like they're trying to not give people a voice. I know it's complicated because of other companies paying the adds, but seriously, it just seems they want to keep the money for themselves -_-

  • PhoebeFay RuthLouise says:

    Dear YouTube,
    In the words of Pablo Neruda,
    " You can cut all the flowers
    But you cannot keep Spring from coming."
    The LGBT community and the disabled community will be heard.

  • PilotCrissy says:

    Christian channels are also being demonized.

  • barbh1 says:

    This kind of discrimination would be illegal under some laws in the US, I'm pretty sure.

  • says:

    This video should have a lot more traction behind it! I hope it gets out there and in front of a lot more people so this issue in the yt algorithm gets looked at soon! Bloody disgraceful if it's an intentional strategy.

  • Kat Martin says:

    So I'm not sure if you've figured this out yet, but I'd really like to know what I could possibly do to help in this situation. Do you have a Patreon I could subscribe to? I would be willing to toss some currency your way so you can continue to create quality content.

  • That's What "i" Said says:

    Wow. All your points were spot-on. What the heck is YT's problem??? (Is it being run by 90 year old men?)

  • Fashioneyesta says:

    I’m so glad you made a video about this brining it to the light. As a disabled creator myself I have experienced some of my videos being demonetised too. I also know a lot of people who make videos on mental health who have had their videos demonetised also. Yet youtube doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously. I’m new to your channel and I absolutely love it!

  • Well Eye Never says:

    I've never understood this either, it's crazy. I'm just a small creator who posts videos about living with my visual impairment, and I've had a few of my clips demonitised. Thankfully they've been restored on review. But it seems very random as to when demonitisation happens as well. I now notice that one of my earliest and still most popular videos – Living With Aniridia – has now been demonitised. Yet it's been fine for ages, and the related video on Living With Nystagmus hasn't been affected, so I don't know when that changed (they never tell you). I've requested a review and I'm sure it'll be fine. But if so many of these manual reviews are leading to monetisation being restored, why aren't they improving the algorithm in the process? And, like you say, why aren't they telling us what we're doing wrong? They must be aware disabled creators are upset about this, so the fact that they're not prepared to discuss it is very concerning. They need to be honest and transparent about things, as people have lost a lot of trust in them.

  • wendyisafarmer says:

    This is disgusting and so wrong. I miss the days when YouTube wasn't bought out by google

  • Tumble Maniac says:

    So sad, it’s happened to non-disabled creators too… For no reason!

  • anne kennedy says:

    love all your videos i too have a disability your videos bring awareness and inspire now i know i'm not alone i too spend a lot of time on my floor know every nook and cranny of my ceiling keep up your amazing videos youtube needs to get some awareness,😝😝😝😝

  • dooms daisy says:

    Think about the children Jessica!!! How will they cope with disabled people being empowered?! It's just too scaring for them!!!
    * heavy sarcasm*

  • Charity Thomas says:

    I heard an explanation on a podcast called Spark on CBC. And the problem is rather than giving the bot a set of rules to demonitize they instead just have the bot a blank slate learning A.I. and let it learn which videos were "controversial" and then it would demonitize those. And the way it learned Controversial. ……. comments. So the types of videos that would get lots of troll commenters would teach the AI that these tags are bad. So disability and LGBT are topics that bullies like to pick on so that's why unless you fight them all the time thy will just be demonitize

  • alice-laura says:

    thank you for making this and what youtube are doing/have done are so wrong i am disabled and part of the lgbtq+ community and i hate that youtube are doing this … side note what you are wearing in this video is gorgeous x

  • lekiscool says:

    Is this still happening? Has it gotten better or worse?

  • Jixie Dye says:

    'and Youtube send me a bloody email' chuckle

  • SouthernBelleUSA8 says:

    You might want to let them know that I, for one, have purchased sooo many retro dresses from Lindy Bop, Pin Up Girl, Zaful, Grace Karin & many other stores, based on watching your videos! WTF is wrong with youTube!

  • elizabeth manha says:

    I believe that the guideline that appears to be what the problem is relates to controversy. Not fair or acceptable. But I believe that’s the rationale

  • Carryl Sorene says:

    I watched a video today by Nerd City that references one by Sealow who's found code numbers in the source code/meta data of demonetised videos. YouTube replied to them on Twitter that they weren't correct, but the video also talks about the algorithm YT's hoping will learn what is and isn't okay – it's looking at tags, but also the closed captions, maybe also the thumbnails and images in the video, I forget now. The sensitive subjects it's looking for are really broad which is where LGBT+ and disability are probably getting shoved in under an umbrella.

    KickthePJ has been submitting his videos for review before posting, I don't know if you have access to that. It seems YT is just sticking with its useless, biased algorithm and not bothering to do much more to talk to people, lack of resources I suppose if we give them the benefit of the doubt/uncaring greedy gits if we don't, and eventually maybe they'll change their tune. It's a disgrace all round and it's been happening for far too long already.

  • ATHRENTHE2ND says:

    You are absolutely amazing!!! It is a shame that youtube feels it is ok to treat its content creators in such a despicable manner!

  • Daniel Alejandro Martinez says:

    Well as you say for the LGBT.. matter "is the way it is but it's wrong" very wrong! I do not support that YouTube pays for making videos, but in the matter of disable discrimination and LGBT discrimination it's so BAD!

  • foxclouds says:

    This is horrible. I feel you! I talk about books on my channel and my videos also get demonetized. ABOUT BOOKS. What even…

  • greame penney says:

    It's not just your content I watch a lot of true crime and criminal history and those channels suffer like yours it seem like YouTube uses a firewall that has certain words or phrases like offices do to stop staff using the Internet for personal use and it automatically flags your video if one of the words or phrases is used. A great example was around January last year Microsoft added there own name Microsoft to a list of words blocked on corporate accounts in a attempt to help stop piracy. How crazy is that. And just like Microsoft YouTube being a cooperations probably has a division or a 3rd party that writes algorithm software that categories its videos and being somewhat new is to harsh. But let's hope it improves. And one thing you could do is try and list your videos as educational and also you could start a patron account like some of the crime channels do.

  • Rabbit says:

    I know this is an old video, but i was just watching a video that fathering autism made where he was saying that if he put the word autism in the title it was demonitized but if he made a title that didn't mention autism it was fine. I'm guessing its because disability is a topic that makes some people uncomfortable so they are classifying it as controversial and advertiser s are afraid to be associated with it. So i guess its happening a lot then 🙁

  • NotMykl says:

    My guess is that they've tagged the words 'disability', 'disabilities' and 'LBGT' under Incendiary and Demeaning content. Basically YouTube has decided that any vids about disabilites and LBGT are people slamming the disabled and homosexuals. It doesn't matter that you aren't doing so; YT has just decided that any vids that have such content MUST be doing so. They are hoping y'all don't notice your vids have been demonitized so they don't have to pay you.

  • Kohana006 says:

    Best advice I have is to utilize Patreon and consider doing sponsored ads or videos. Why continue to gamble on youtube's algorithms when you can let the people that care about you and your content just pay you directly? Why be at the mercy of the yellow dollar sign when companies will pay you directly to mention their product in your videos? Yes, keep fighting so youtube will stop recognizing disabilities as taboo, but you deserve solid ground to stand on, and youtube can not provide that on its own anymore.

  • Darrian Scott says:

    I liked the video but not because I'm happy this happened to you. JFC YouTube needs to get their shit together. I honestly love hearing about your life and learning about your disabilities. :/ I'm really sorry they are doing that to you and a lot of spoonies. Stay strong!

  • Silvia Contini says:

    Jessica, I think that it's because you use the worlds "disabled", "deaf", etc. Instead of using "people with disability" or "people who can't hear". The words disabled, deaf, blind, etc are politically incorrect. Of course I don't support these ideas, I don't think there's anything wrong in the word "disabled". But I think that's the reason. Hope I helped, bye 😉

  • Finn Murphy says:

    As an able-bodied person (please advise me if this is not an appropriate term), what can I do to help? You are being treated as lesser, and I will not stand for it. If there's something I can do right now or in my daily life, I will, I just don't know what to to do help.

  • Kim's Adventure says:

    Sounds like discrimination to me

  • Altymamma says:

    I have no idea if this could help but I learned there is an American Youtuber that created a group helping other youtubers dealing with YouTube changes among a lot of other things.. maybe he could help you with the tag issue (hoping is not some stupid censorship even if maybe in that case he could help you fight this bu****it).. his name is MatPat and his channels are The game theorists, film theory and GTLive.. I don’t know if there is something similar in the uk but anyway it could be a starting point 🙂

  • Auntie Lulu P. says:

    I following a wide variety of YT'ers. This issue is happening to so many. I watch a lot of others in addition. It seems YT is demonetizing for no particular or sensible way. The guy who does weather & climate videos to a a Brit living in Japan to educational & so on. Facebook is just as bad (tho that doesn't involve $). I reported a photo of a couple, completely undressed & obviously engaged in personal matters. They reviewed & said it was ok. Huh? It has to be frustrating for you & many other YT'ers. I just recently came across your channel & find you both lovely & interesting.

  • Hallyu Heaven says:

    It's horrible. These new rules have been hurting a lot of creators and not because they are against the rules either, nothing bad is happening in the videos that is against the rules. It's just weird.

  • Sebastian 17 says:

    Videos showing things that need to be censored,but aren't, are "okay" but for e.g Chase Ross (uppercasechase1) educating about trans stuff (and doing great job,supporting LGBTQ+ people),doing reviews of various things and censoring it,warns at the beginning of the video,that there are trigger warning words and if someone isn't comfortable with it can just close the video,has his videos age restricted and even deleted,that is not right. Youtube is awful to "different" people. Nowadays it's common that there are LGBTQ+ people on yt and disabled people that make videos but what makes them different or "worse" from "normal" people?

  • Erin Lisa Aulfinger says:

    This is really awful, and I can't help if it is an issue with algorithms or some other technical bit of behind the scenes work. I tend to look on the bright side of things, so I hope I am right. I just find it so odd that this has been happening at around the same time that Molly Burke got a letter from YouTube which was in Braille, as she is a blind YouTuber.

    Demonetization (demonization) is certainly understandable, as there are certain topics and odd subcommunities (cough kiddie porn cough) which should not be seeing any kind of condoning from YouTube, but the effect it is having on individuals who rely on YouTube for work (and let's face it, disabled creators often turn to YouTube because they have difficulties finding "real life" jobs, even if that difficulty does not continue) is devastating and should not be carried on.

  • Rita Potondi says:

    Jessica, keep doing what you doing, your channel and videos are fantastic! I love your videos :- ) Perhaps an independent adviser (PR or Marketing ) experienced with YouTube could help you to avoid demonintarisation! I am not an expert but could this problem caused by a computerised filter that 'attacks' sensitive topics on YouTube to be checked by a person later make sure they're okay? ( probably to avoid bullying, etc ). Anyways YouTube should explain this clearly.

  • khazaa says:

    Maybe choose 3 tags at a time that you will start adding them to the vidios to see when the vidio is being blocked. If it happens with the first 3, then add them one by one to next vidios – this way you have a proof that Youtube is targeting specificly this topics. Also, the commets suggesting that You should start a Patronite account are really good – it will remove the problem with YT cutting your income and help sustaine a stable one.

  • Cayley 102 says:

    I just can't believe this is happening

  • Asha Ali says:

    To be honest, a lot of YouTubers that aren't doing stuff like Jake Paul or mind rot get hit by this. Not just disability channels.

  • Cerulean Skigh says:

    LGBT tags, especially lesbian, are targeted by the algorithm for demonetization because it can't tell if it's just someone talking about sexuality or if it's a porn tag. Algorithms suck at nuance. This has been happening for years but YouTube only recently actually notified creators of the demonetization and it's happening to everyone – not just disabled or LGBT creators. Hank Green has a very good video on this topic. It's long but he explains a lot so I felt it was worth watching and sharing.

  • Steini Stein says:

    Holy sh…, is this still happening or did they realize how awful it is and changed it? If not, this needs to be seen by big, big YouTubers, ones that will publicly talk about it and shame YouTube.. maybe that will change something…

  • K Young says:

    Fathering Autism channel has this issue. YouTube is pathetic.

  • BeyondBecca says:

    So I’m a little late commenting about this but google/YouTube has this new AI system that they launched and that’s why most channels are experiencing this on ALL types of videos. Just keep manually reviewing the videos while the AI learns. Love watching your videos btw!

  • Kat ily says:

    4 months later and this is still happening. Annika Victoria's video. Must check if she talked about her chronic illness.

  • Art Lady says:

    It seem every one is being bothered by You tube . The conservative Christian is also being targeted so I see now that it’s what they think is right or wrong I’m not understanding ? If this isn’t a free speech place to come because of younger people then ok make it a romper room thing and we can move on as adults . I’m so confused and worried about the freedoms we have enjoyed maybe taken for granted but either left or right there should be the freedom to speak and the freedom not to listen when we chose not to . You tube is the new communism of the day . If we can’t communicate and everything is filtered. Who will be here ?

  • coffeegirl18 says:

    This is ridiculous….I'm going to raise an issue if I have any lupus related videos demonetized. Constructive criticism is totally fine; I'd change what they wanted to be within their guidelines.

  • The Soul Corner says:

    The fact that they do this with disabled creators and the LGBT community as well makes my stomach turn…I have a small channel about spirituality and tarot. Recently I was approach by people asking about what tarot could tell them about physical death. I decided to make a video on it, to help the people who need it. It was of course demonetized…when checking the guidelines, no topics that's of major importance is adverser friendly apparently… So let's create lot's of videos on hyped topics, the same kind preferably to get views and revenue…very….useful… 😀

  • Lisa Mertens says:

    Maybe they have to check the content to make sure it is not homophobic in any way.
    It's terrible that they don't give you an answer.

  • Chrisfs says:

    I'm not Youtube, I don't work at Youtube , I have no connection to them. However, I am going to make a complete guess here.
    The guidelines warn against "Video content that promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual … on the basis of the individual’s race,gender,… disability, … ". Perhaps the automated systems are really bad at telling the difference between a video that discriminates or disparages disabled people and videos about disabled people. My guess is that they don't have automated systems that can actually understand video content, so they go by keywords and some other factors that are unknown to me. So it demonetizes them haphazardly but erring quite a bit on the heavy side and lets a human sort it out (if there's more than 1000 views…)
    Which is ridiculous and awful, and just a guess, but it might make some sort of sense.

  • Azul Méndez says:

    I can't believe it!! Your channel has helped me to understand disabled people and to see you in a more normal way. We're too used to see disabled people as people that live a tragic and sad life that, now I realise, is not real. Anybody can live an entire life thinking about their life is horrible just beacuse they don't have a "normal life" (which doesn't even exist, beacuse no one is normal). It'necesary to have people like you who show that you're like anyone else, and to do so for a living you need to get paid for that job!!!

  • Jeremy Wright says:

    youtube wants to create an online utopia where their idea of normal is the only thing tolerated. Reminds me of those films that depict a "perfect" society when in reality everything is oppressive and terrifying! Remember kids, if you aren't flawless, you are irrelevant.

  • NothingToNoOneInParticular says:

    How to get around the algos. It's simply censorship algorithms that Google is dialing in. To censor many things. Think of a net for fishing that until modified will scoop up tuna, whales, walruses & dolphins as well. Broad category censoring. It is a part of though shaping. This is prevalent in any creator criticizing the government structure, alternative media, independent reporters and by accident YOU & others. Broad category, censoring. Has NOTHING to do with you as a person. They don't actually care about people, they care about censorship and how to do it. Use a thesaurus to come up with alternative categories, that section will take a lot. Find different categories and save the best ones less censored. Pre can the ones that work, and just plop them in the description, while being accurate, of course. Always ask for a person to review them, the algorithm will automatically flag, many creators and videos. This will lessen as you flag more for real humans to review and get approved. They will loosen their algorithm grip on you as you cost them money to have videos reviewed by real humans, videos that are fine of course. Then once approved add a few commercials in, I’d watch them to support your channel.

  • Kevin Ratley says:

    your so funny

  • L Ayrapetyan says:

    I’ve read the rules. I believe the reason for this is that your videos are discriminatory. Because you’re talking about people with disability or who are homosexual, you discriminating them from others. And unfortunately as I see from the Youtube guideline, only humorous discriminative content is monetizing. And that’s not right. You should draw their attention to that you’re helping people accept who they are, not shaming them for that. Make your case and let them add it to the list of their exceptions about monetizing discriminatory content! Good luck!

  • Recovering Magi says:

    They also discriminate channels about mental health issues.

  • Ingrid Carmel says:

    This is seriously disgusting. How can YouTube do this?

  • Oliver Guy says:

    Computer Science Nerdy Person Here. I'll try and spread some light on why this might be happening. Hopefully, it'll make sense.

    So what YouTube is looking at is the tags. When a video is first uploaded its isn't looked at by a human. A piece of software looks at it to determine if it is suitable for monetization.

    You might think a person programs in a big list of tags that are deemed 'not suitable'. This likely isn't how it works though. And this is also where the explaining gets complicated.

    When someone posts a video advert on YouTube they choose what tags they think match their advert. But they are (not totally sure on this as I have never posted an advert on YouTube but this is correct to the best of my understanding – this may also be a feature only available to larger advertisers) also able to have a list of tags which they specifically don't want their advert associated with. For example, most advertisers don't want their ads on videos about politics or religion, as to avoid associating their company with whatever is being discussed in the video. They really like neutral content, eg video game play, food related content, makeup tutorials.

    Remeber that I said a program looks at the tags to decide if a video is suitable for monetization. What that program likely does it look at what tags advertisers do/don't like and it learns based of that data if a video should be monetized. The process by which this happens is very complicated (Very I hope you love your algebra and calculus complicated) so I wont try and explain it (if you want to know more, CGPGrey has a very very good video on it)

    What this means is that it isn't YouTubes fault directly, its advertisers saying they don't want their ads on content like this and YouTubes software learning that from them. This explains why the videos are remonetized when looked at by a human. This is still obviously a problem and YouTube is still very much responsible but it isn't just them, it is (likely) also the advertisers themselves. So its not like the YouTube management have had a meeting and decided that any video with a tag relating to disabilities or LGBT+ rights isnt suitable for monetization.

    To recap, this is likely an automated decision made by YouTubes software and one which that software learned from how advertisers were targeting their adverts on YouTube (specifically which tags they didnt want the videos on)

    Hopefully this has spread some light on the situation, and exactly how creators have found themselves in this situation.

    Minor disclaimer, YouTubes software is a very guarded secret and they rarely reveal anything about so this is entirely speculative but as someone with a large(ish) degree of knowledge in this area I do believe this is is the cause of your (and others) videos being demonetized.

  • Shala Carter says:

    Hello Jessica! The problem with your videos are, you do not swear enough, and you do not break things. Do these things and YouTube will love you. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with what you're talking about, but in America there was an attack by YouTube on the smaller creators who weren't getting enough likes or something and so they were losing money. So, for example there was a very long blog hop on YouTube of women who make cards.

  • GamingWithPatrick says:

    I myself am disabled. I have a disability called Spina Bifida. I'm unable to walk so I use a wheelchair to get around. I commend you for posting this video. Idk why disabled people get attacked. We're human too. Just made differently.

  • Bigolbitch says:

    It’s because you CLEARLY chose to be disabled because it’s so much EASIER to be disabled.therefore this is awful and disgusting if you want to stop being disabled just stop it.This is sarcasm for those who didn’t pick up on it.

  • Head Librarian says:

    A 1,000 view cliff is in part intended to harm small creators and prevent them from ramping up. It steals essentially all their revenue without recourse. Since a manual review can take a couple of days, and most videos have most of their views in the first couple of days, videos with large audiences can have most of their revenue taken too. In honor of this the intro montage to Weebo Jones' videos has her saying "let the demonetization process begin".

    They won't say why because, I suspect, if they were honest they'd run afoul of anti-discrimination laws in the US and UK. The lack of transparency means you have no articulable facts on which to file a lawsuit and demand discovery.

  • Heliantus Annus says:

    I'm not sure about this, but it's possible that YouTube actually doesn't know why. Here's a video I recently watched about the fact that recommended videos are recommended by a computer, and no one can understand how the algorithm works:
    It could be similar with demonetising videos? (Not that I find this in any way acceptable but it would explain it)
    I hope you still see this even though it's a bit late, I just discovered your channel, which I find super motivating by the way:-)

  • Ninón De Luna says:

    I think that what’s happening is people that are religious trolls disapprove of are being targeted on YouTube. You have 9 thumbs down here which are probably by religious trolls because they know you are gay. Friends who are Pagan are having the same problem.

  • Yatukih001 says:

    HOW TO GET RID OF SOMEONE WHO DISRESPECT OTHERS WITH DISABILITY – use a motorcycle and a baseball brat. Plunge onto the targeted individual with massive enough force – the faster the motorcycle and the harder the brat will hit, the less likely the targeted individual is to return to a life of no disability. Think of this as a retaliation. There ain´t nothing wrong with slapping an ablemist.

  • songbanana8 says:

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’ve learned so much from all your videos and I’d hate to think that you’re not earning well-earned money just because you’re talking about who you are. We have enough crap on YouTube, I wish more channels were informative and positive like yours!

  • Laura Mother Of Cats says:

    Know someone who is a licensed therapist who talks about mental health has had problems too. Apparently Eating Disorders and Trauma are bad topics too.. no idea why. I thought you would be safe because I thought that it would bring negative PR to mess with a group that discusses disability. That's pretty important. Sorry you've had the same problems. Hope they have improved since you posted this. Great job scolding Youtube btw…always sounds better coming from someone with a beautiful English accent!

  • Aly Homewood says:

    Youtube is really getting very much on my nerves lately.
    It's demonetising everyone, being an asshole and everything.
    It's just there to make profit by now…
    I really hate it.
    Sadly all the cool people are on YouTube. I can't switch to any other platform for this.
    All queer, disabled, or in general people who are bloody upset with youtube should bloody go to a new 'website'!
    (NewTube! (please someone get that reference))
    I dunno. It's just so annoying!

  • SamSings says:

    My understanding of the demonetisation issue is that ages ago YouTube had like… no concrete policy for dealing with inappropriate content that shouldn't be on YouTube. Any and every video could be monetised. Which led people to question why, like, a coca-cola ad was playing before a terrorist beheading video, for example. Naturally, advertisers were not happy and because YouTube wants to keep them – the money makers for this platform – happy over the content creators, it's fix-all policy was that every video that contains words in the title or tags that MIGHT even POSSIBLY be considered a TINY bit controversial, it's marked as potentially inappropriate. If you contest it, it will be seen by a human who can see the there's no inappropriate content, and mark it as fine.

    But their blanket, catch-all algorithm marks everything that might possibly be considered controversial for demonetisation, like disability and LGBTQ related content. Which seriously affects creators who for in those categories. And really, they have yet to address it in any kind of helpful way.

  • Anna Rehbinder says:

    What the H , sick and disabled people are everywhere in society and yes We have Money and the people who care about us have MONEY

  • kalefarmerful says:

    I am assuming lazy YouTube IT people have made a "block list" of words used to tag videos which automatically kicks out a video if it is tagged with one of those words. There is clearly no nuance in their thinking. I worked for a company where the firewall was set up to stop loading a webpage if the word "sex" was in the url. This meant no-one could look up anything from Sussex or Essex or about Alfred of Wessex or Middlesex (particularly tricky if you are looking up genealogical info about someone born in London.)

    IT humans sometimes don't do languages like English very well and don't get context or consequence. I had to sit down with the guys and explain why their list was a problem. They listened and changed it. I am a qualified information science librarian. Possibly Youtube needs to use one of those. Or a few.

    They will have marketed the list to potential advertisers as making it possible to have advertising on "appropriate" content without there being much care taken about what is uplifting, caring, educational, joyful, etc etc etc. Anything tagged with an "inappropriate" word will not get monetised. Its a quick way to have a bot do their work. A lot of how YouTube works seems to be computerised and automated-obviously to save human costs-but it makes them non-responsive and a bit hamfisted and inappropriate. Is it possible for advertisers to Request being on your channel? I am sure there are quite a few who would wish to be. YouTube should give advertisers that option.

  • Meow Kitty says:

    I don't care

  • khaxjc1 says:

    I'm hoping over the last year this has gotten better. Its so depressing.

  • Josephine Anne Weigers says:

    This is terrible why would they do that? This is crazy. LGBT videos save lives as well as these videos showing that people with disabilities can still live happily and lead the lives they want. That is just awful. YouTube needs to wake up.

  • boredgrass says:

    Facebook, YouTube and Twitter love right wing extremists and are happy to provide them a platform. They also like to be on the ""good side"" of Donald Trump, who ridicules people with disabilities.

  • Tara Greenwood says:

    if this is still going on, could you get a lawyer? this is absolutely awful and i'm so tired of it

  • Carl Taylor says:

    Well, there are only two possible answers. Either YouTube's automated monetizing algorithm s faulty and is seeing "disables" or "gay" as red flags for demonrtization, contrary to all that YouTube should stand for or YouTube are deliberately being a bunch of bastards. Either way they owe Jessica money and an apology as well as all the other people this has affected.

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