ZERO WASTE Beauty Products at TARGET??? // #plasticfreejuly

ZERO WASTE Beauty Products at TARGET??? // #plasticfreejuly

Hello, friends! Welcome back to my channel!
If you are new here, welcome. Hello. My name is Kristen and today I am going to
Target to see if there are any zero-waste beauty products. So I’ve seen
people shop at Target for like grocery items, but I’m gonna see if there’s any
zero-waste beauty products. So, here we go. *music* Okay, so that was a fail. I went to
a smaller Target. I went to a smaller Target. I went to another Target, but like, they were doing
construction and the cosmetics section was like all over the place and it was
so crowded. So, this target was definitely less crowded. It was a lot
easier. I found some things that I really did not expect. Sooo, let’s get into that. *music* Hello, friends! So I finally made it back
from Target. I ate some lunch. I already filmed this bit, but I rewatched it and I
was blabbing all over the place. I’m gonna be more with it this time. The
first thing I did was I just kind of walked around the beauty section, just to
kind of see what items were in glass or in sustainable packaging, like paper. Then
I got really self-conscious, but I kept filming anyways. I pretty much went down
each aisle that had some sort of beauty or body product in it. So, like for
example, I went through the toothbrush aisle and the toothpaste aisle. There
were no toothpastes in sustainable packaging. There were no toothbrushes
that were bamboo. Everything was plastic I even tried to look for like a recycled
plastic toothbrush. But it was just like the main brands, like Colgate and
Oral-B. So I didn’t find any bamboo toothbrushes, unfortunately, which I did
expect from Target. Then, I ventured into the razor aisle. I went into the women’s
razor aisle. I should have gone to the men’s razor aisle as well. I don’t know-
it’s kind of weird that they have like a dedicated men’s section at this store. It
was like haircare and facial care stuff. and it’s like can we just have like a
gender-neutral thing? I don’t know… why are women having to pay more for a pink
colored razor? I don’t know. But I didn’t find anything. There is this brand called
Preserve and I was kind of hoping that Target would carry it. They make like
their razors and toothbrushes out of like recycled plastic. I think they make
everything from recycled yogurt cups. I’m not a hundred percent sure. I will look
it up. I was right. I didn’t find any of their razors or their toothbrushes at
Target, which was a bummer. I used to buy my razors at Costco and I still like
have the box of them. I’m going to buy a safety razor soon. So, if you have any
recommendations, let me know. I will be making a video on that. But
anyways, I digress. The other aisles I went into were like the shampoo aisles,
the body wash aisles. I really didn’t see anything in sustainable packaging. I saw
like the brand Acure had a shampoo and conditioner, but it wasn’t plastic. Also,
Unilever has this brand called Love Beauty and Planet, which is great- like
it’s great that they’re trying to be more natural with their products, more
eco-friendly. But they’re still all packaged in plastic. I also went into the
deodorant aisle. They did have Schmidt’s deodorant, which is natural cruelty-free.
There’s no parabens or aluminum in it, which I do avoid. They did not have
Meow Meow Tweet in that section or in their natural beauty cosmetic section,
which was a bummer because when I did go to the first Target, that was very
chaotic and packed, I went into their natural beauty section and they did have
the Meow Meow Tweet products over there. If you guys don’t know, I’m obsessed with
Meow Meow Tweet! I will link a video up here in the cards. I’ll have another
video of mine where I mention Meow Meow Tweet in the cards, somewhere along
this video. But I- I just love Meow Meow Tweet products. They’re very sustainable.
They’re cruelty-free. They’re vegan. They just hit all the things I want to hit in
a cosmetic company. So, I really think it’s great that they are now selling
their products in Target because that means it’s more accessible to people.
The first Target had a lavender baking soda deodorant, a lavender baking soda
free deodorant, and a bar of soap. I wish I had filmed it. And then I went in to kind
of like their mainstream Beauty aisles, like Maybelline and Covergirl and all of
that and there was just nothing. There was nothing in sustainable packaging. It
was all plastic. So I pretty much just bypassed that because I didn’t want to be
looking through every individual item. I just kind of knew that there wasn’t
gonna be anything. I even found like a pencil eyeliner. But there was a little
cap made of plastic. Ah! So it was a bummer. They did have EcoTools, which is more of an eco-friendly brush cosmetic brand. Obviously from the
name, EcoTools, you can see that. It’s just kind of frustrating because it’s in
plastic. Then, I ventured into the actual natural like beauty cosmetic section and
they had like Burt’s Bees, and Acure, SW Basics. They did have like essential oils
on their top shelf. This was a super small section in comparison to some
other Targets I’ve been to where it’s like a dedicated aisle. So they did have
like essential oils in glass with little plastic caps. They had SW basics,
which is a phenomenal brand especially if you’re into like natural cruelty-free
products with little to no ingredients. I mean obviously there are some
ingredients, but there’s like maybe five or less ingredients in each product. It
is amazing, especially if you have sensitive skin like me. The smaller
amount of ingredients in a product, the better. SW basics is great. They had like
a rose water. It did have like a plastic little spray. They have their like
cleanser water and their toner which is just in like a little glass bottle jar
with a little metal lid on top. So, I really really liked seeing that in the
stores and I have seen SW basics in pretty much all of the Targets I’ve been
to, unlike Meow Meow Tweet, where this is the first Target I haven’t seen it but I’ve
been seeing it at other Targets and then right next to that was Shea Moisture and
pretty much all of the Shea Moisture items were packaged in plastic, which is
really annoying to me when I really want all of these like natural products. But,
they’re all in plastic packaging. I skipped on that. They did have, like, one
nighttime serum that was in a glass bottle with like a little dropper, I
believe. So there was that option. Out of all of the Shea Moisture products in
that Target, there’s only like one in a glass bottle… not the greatest. But, I
turned around and there were like plastic loofahs and some Pacifica items
in plastic, which I do love Pacifica, by the way. But, I looked down, like lower to
the ground and there were things in glass jars, you guys! Glass jars! I’m gonna
look up this brand to confirm if it is cruelty-free because I only buy things
that are cruelty-free. That’s really important to me. I’ve been doing that for
years now. And it was just shocking to me! What the heck, Target?! This is awesome!
Some, like, brand I’ve never heard of literally has products in jars. (claps) Bravo.
Bravo. So there were bath salts in different scents. They also look so cool
in your bathroom if you have this like fancy jar of bath salts, that are like
pink bath salts. YES, I’m all for that!! They also had like a toner, I believe,
and it looked like there were like little rose petals on top of the water.
It was very fancy, like having these items in your bathroom would make it
look very swanky and luxurious. That’s all I got to say and it’s from Target.
What is up people? and then they had I think it was a rose water with- in glass
with like a plastic nozzle spritzer on top. So, I was very shocked to see those
items because everything in the cosmetic section is pretty much packaged with
some sort of plastic. I thought it was really cool to see those items in glass
jars, super rare. And I’ve never seen them and I just thought it was really cool. So
A+ to that. Then on this side of the cosmetic section, on like the side wall,
there were perfumes. They had perfumes from Pacifica. There was another brand I
can’t remember but they all looked like pretty natural and there were like
barely any ingredients in them which I thought was really cool I think it’s
cool that Target even like carries perfume. I also went into like the
natural makeup section. So I saw like Pacifica. I saw the Well People. Those are
like the two big ones I saw. There’s not a ton not in plastic. I did find one item
from Pacifica that was in a glass bottle. But, really, there was nothing else that I
saw that was in sustainable packaging. ah Oh well. So if you guys shop at Target a lot
for beauty products, let me know what you buy and like what is in sustainable
packaging. I hope this is helpful for you guys. So you definitely can find more
sustainable options. If you guys have any favorites that I did not mention in this
video, but you know they are at Target, let me know. I also know that the brand
Ethique or Ethique, they’re based out of New Zealand, just announced like a month ago
that they’re going to be selling their shampoo bars and their conditioner bars
at select Targets I’m excited to try them when they do go into Targets. So I
think I will give those a try. But anyways, I hope you guys liked this video
if you are interested in more sustainable eco conscious living videos,
I will have my playlist right here and I’ll have my last video up here and you
can also hit that subscribe button down below. Just remember: you don’t have to be
perfect to live sustainably. So thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in
the next video. BYEEEEEEE!


  • Strolling Through Life says:

    Have you found any zero waste beauty products at Target???

  • CheekyWitch says:

    They do sell safety razors in the men's section btw.

  • Miss Mary Lu says:

    I'm so glad you found some things!!

  • Kapil Swarankar says:

    Well not exactly, In India brands do not mention on their products packaging whether they are made from eco friendly stuff. But ya i use a lot products from Patanjali brand, which manufactures all its products from natural raw materials, and all the profits they get from their revenues is being used for charities like rural education, free healthcare for the poor, providing more employment opportunities in the backward areas, etc. They are also the worlds fastest growing FMCG brand. Their annual sales in their first year of incorporation was over 1.5 Billion dollars 💵 and they do have their products available in the US, check them out. All they focus is to provide the best quality of natural products at the lowest of the possible prices, without any fancy packaging to avoid extra cost. So I think not many corporates operating in India like unilever or palmolive or proctor and gamble, have such noble ideology of business which Patanjali has and that's why they've got such an massive support from the people all over the globe. 🙂

  • Valeria Mata says:

    Hello ! I bought the wowe safety razor! 10/10.

  • Maria says:

    I totally recommend the Leaf Shave razor! I got one for myself for Christmas and my sister (not zero waste) borrowed it. She loved it so much that I let her keep it and bought another one for myself. It's definitely pricier than most safety razors but the pivoting head is so worth it. Comes with a lifetime warranty too. I'm also a big Meow Meow Tweet fan and it's awesome to see their stuff at Target.

  • tiredapplestar says:

    I’ve seen safety razors at Target, but I think they’re in the mens section. Oddly enough, you may have better luck at Dollar Tree. I’ve seen stainless steel safety razors (not sure how good they are), soap wrapped in cardboard only, and TP wrapped in paper there.

  • Rachel Ann says:

    Fanny pack!

  • Rabbit Food Fitness says:

    Man. Shae moisture did not have any of their glass jar moisturizers there? There one for troubled skin is my favorite!!

  • Amy Shanahan says:

    Love Beauty and Planet have shampoo and conditioner bars, but I’ve only found them in a few targets.

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